Episode 378 – Finding Grace


Today we have Susan. She is 46, from Ohio, and took her last drink on June 14, 2019.


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Highlights from Odette


“Whatever courage got you here is going to take you far.” You are brave, and you have courage. Learn to trust yourself. Define far for yourself. The unfolding of healing takes time, have patience with yourself. Odette has two sentences of a poem on her forearm: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Those words are a reminder of her strength, courage, and perseverance.


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[09:20]  Susan has been sober for nearly three years. She is speaking on the podcast to get out of her comfort zone and overcome some complacency in her sobriety.


Susan is married and lives in Ohio with a stepson and two dogs. She works for an investment company and loves the outdoors, the beach, paddle boarding, running, and Jeopardy.


Susan grew up in a house of addiction and described it as WWIII. Her father was an abusive alcoholic. Her parents tended to numb out and not deal with anything. She realizes now many of her behaviors result from a trauma response.


Susan was often the caretaker for her mom, so the roles were reversed. She partied a fair amount in her twenties. Her mom died, and her sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her sister and brother-in-law died within seven months of one another. Susan retreated into her addiction. All the grief and pain from losing her sister was overwhelming.


Addiction was like a cocoon for Susan. It became so uncomfortable, and she had to stop. Susan tried naltrexone, but she wasn’t ready to quit. Shame kept her drinking for some time, and in retrospect, Susan regrets that she didn’t ask for help.

Alan Carr’s book podcasts and terror helped her to quit for good. Two months into sobriety, she attended Recovery Elevator’s Bozeman retreat.    At Bozeman, Susan learned that community is essential. Susan struggled to share her recovery with her drinking friends.   She often said she was “on a cleanse.”


Susan describes recovery as a radical act of self-love. Her progress in the last 3-years eclipses her progress in the previous ten. She is learning to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.    Meditation, gratitude practice, and Women for Sobriety zoom meetings are essential sobriety tools for Susan.    She suggests getting clear on your “why” to reinforce your commitment to recovery.   Susan believes you are worth it and deserve to be happy and have some peace.


Kris’ Summary


Kris encourages you to share your story. Contact Kris:  Kris@recoveryelevator.com.


Kris describes his daughter’s work to win a photography merit award. Even with life’s ups and downs, her consistency reminds him of the consistency needed to maintain sobriety. Managing struggles, triumphs, and learning to grow through challenges is how you stack days and keep your commitment.    Sometimes our plans work out perfectly, while others kick us in the face. We don’t know what’s around the corner. Meet every challenge with love, patience, and grace.


You are the only one who can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone.


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