Recovery Elevator Sobriety Dry January quit drinking course

Here is what's going down in Dry January 2022 👍



Registration opens Wednesday, December, 1st 2021



- This is our most intensive course geared towards the alcohol-free newcomer. Learn how to say goodbye to the booze for January or for good! That's up to you


- We're meeting 14 times in January via zoom to give you the tools and accountability needed for an alcohol-free January... and hopefully more! Course days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. See below for times


- 72% of course attendees remain alcohol-free for the duration of Recovery Elevator courses. Hats off to that


- Get access to the RESTORE closed Facebook group for the month of January with one free month in February in Café RE


- Learn what cravings are, how to beat them and how to use them to your advantage


- We'll be focusing more on creating a life where alcohol is no longer needed. We've found that when we have healthy altruistic relationships with fellow human beings, the need for alcohol or any external substance drastically reduces.

- You'll connect with others across the globe who also want to ditch the booze. Why? Because alcohol is SH!T


- You'll learn battle-tested tools, techniques, and practices to help you push through life stressors... without taking a drink.


- You'll learn why willpower alone isn't enough to quit drinking. Find out how to leverage your struggles with alcohol to build a powerful community and support network in your life


- We're going to have fun. This is a non-negotiable line item. Laughter, joy, and lame jokes are necessary when quitting drinking


- Learn the science behind addiction, and how we can leverage concepts of quantum science when departing from alcohol


- All sessions are pet-friendly. We love our pets at Recovery Elevator. Why? Because pets live life from the heart


- Understand the basics of meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality. Learn practical ways to implement these powerful concepts on your journey


- We'll cover how to navigate challenging social situations without alcohol and how to tell people you no longer drink


- A whole new "you" awaits in January 2022. Learn how to set a clear intention into the quantum field which will then draw that happy, joyful life towards you like a magnet, instead of you making everything happen in your life. Learn about manifestation and other exciting universal laws



Session 1: Saturday, January 1st 3pm EST: Paul + Guest Speaker

– Meet your cohort and instructors –  Course Orientation

– Guest Speaker Share

– Get clear on the “why” you want to quit drinking

– Set the intention for an alcohol-free January individually and with the cohort

– Game plan for the rest of the course 👍

Session 2: Monday, January 3rd 8:30 PM EST: Paul

The myths of alcoholism… Is this a disease? Is it genetic?

Does moderate drinking work?

What does your alcohol-free life look like? Let’s get specific

Energetic Tipping Points: Why alcohol no longer works

Session 3: Thursday, January 6th 8:30 PM EST: Patrick

– The opposite of addiction is connection

– Learn how to leverage your “drinking problem” in your favor by building altruistic connections

Session 4: Sunday, January 9th 1:00 PM EST: Paul + Guest Speaker + Mixology Class 🍹

– Guest speaker shares their story for 15 minutes followed by Q&A

– Make a refreshing AF beverage then sip and enjoy with the cohort

– Check-in with your cohort with Q&A and share what’s working for you

Session 5: Monday, January 10th 8:30 PM EST: Kris

– Liberate energy and power within by owning your story

– Learn how sharing your story can empower you, others, and help soften the stigma surrounding addiction

– Depart from the victim mentality and be the active creator in your life

Session 6: Thursday, January 13th 8:30 PM EST: Paul

– 80’s night! Dress in your favorite 80’s attire for class. Cohort will vote on best dressed and winners gets a $50 coupon to the RE merch store.

– Which recovery path is right for me? A.A, Smart Recovery, Plant Medicine (ayahuasca), talk therapy,  in-patient treatment, pharmaceutical therapies (Naltrexone, Antabuse) and more

– AF Beverages, NA beers, Kombucha

Session 7: Sunday, January 16th 1:00 PM EST: Odette + Guest Speaker

– Guest speaker shares their story for 20 minutes followed by Q&A

– Check-in with your cohort with Q&A and share what’s working for you

Session 8: Monday, January 17th 8:30 PM EST:  Odette

Routine  – Develop a practical 30 minute morning and evening routine

Start creating wins in other areas of your life and start building positive momentum

Session 9: Thursday, January 20th 8:30 PM EST: Patrick

–  Calming the Mind: Strategies for slowing and working with the thinking mind

– Meditation and Mindfulness 101 🧘‍♂️

– What does spirituality and recovery mean?

Session 10: Sunday January 23rd 1:00 PM EST:  Patrick + Guest Speaker

– Guest speaker shares their story for 20 minutes followed by Q&A

– Check-in with your cohort with Q&A and share what’s working for you

Session 11: Monday, January 24th 8:30 PM EST: Odette

– An alcohol-free life is the opportunity of a lifetime: Opportunity VS Sacrifice

– The Golden Rule 22: Fun 🕺🏼

Session 12: Thursday, January 27th 8:30 PM EST: Paul

– Quantum science and your alcohol-free life: The observer effect

– The 4 main addiction chemicals: endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin

Session 13: Sunday, January 30th 1:00 PM EST: Paul + Guest Speaker

– Guest speaker shares their story for 20 minutes followed by Q&A

– Check-in with your cohort with Q&A and share what’s working for you

Session 14: Monday, January 31st 8:30 PM EST: Patrick

– Course recap, closeout and final thoughts

– What does the recovery pathway look like in the long-term?

– What’s next: discuss game plan for the remainder of 2022 and beyond

Meet your course instructors

Paul Churchill Recovery Elevator
PAtrick Foley Recovery Elevator
Odette Cressler Recovery Elevator
Kristopher Oyen Recovery Elevator

Paul Churchill is one of the Recovery Elevator podcast hosts and author of the best-selling book on Amazon Alcohol is SH!T. He’s learned that connection and accountability are vital to an alcohol-free life in his seven years away from alcohol. He feels that fun with a capital F is required to depart from any learned behavior that may be negatively impacting our lives. In Paul’s free time he likes to get outside with his standard poodle Ben, and has recently picked up an old hobby skateboarding again! He recognizes it was his “drinking problem” that gifted him the most incredible life. Go figure.

Dr. Patrick Foley is a badass. Let’s take a look…
B.A., Philosophy, Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Councilor, Masters of Ministry, Masters of Teaching, Doctorate of Divinity all come along with Patrick.
For over 25 years, Patrick has taught classes in world religions, education, death and dying, and spiritual traditions. As his professional practice evolved, he continued to examine his relationship with alcohol and how it would separate him from a path and practice to live a joyful life, in the here and now.

Odette Cressler is one of the Recovery Elevator podcast hosts and brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to this course. She’s an AF Rockstar Sober Celeb!! She first entered the recovery world with an eating disorder over ten years ago. She learned tools and techniques that she has applied to her current nearly two-year alcohol-free journey. Odette brings a level 10 authenticity to everything she touches… which is a big reason why Recovery Elevator is doing so many incredible things. Odette lives in San Diego with her family and rescue dog named Charlie from Tijuana.

Kris Oyen has been a leader in the Recovery Elevator private communities Café RE since 2017. His light and guidance have helped thousands quit drinking. He reached a definitive moment in his life where he realized alcohol had to go. The writing was on the wall. His wife left him, and he was living in a camper… a true country western song. We feel he has one of the most remarkable stories we’ve heard, which represents the signifcant level of change we are capable of as human beings. You can hear Kris’ full story on episode 278 of the podcast.

Hi, I’m Kate and I have removed alcohol from my life, only to thrive. While I knew from pretty much my first drink that alcohol wasn’t something I was ever going to be good at, I kept trying for 20 years. In May 2018 I was crying at my desk again one hungover morning and googled “recovery podcast.” Recovery Elevator came up and when I hit play and I heard Paul say his sober date, I felt like I exhaled for the first time in 20 years. His sober date is the same as my birthday and that made me feel safe. I binge-listened for the next two months and hopefully took my last drink that August.
I live in New Jersey with my husband and our herd of cats. For fun I like to knit, cross-stitch, cook, sing, make AF cocktails, and dance and I move my body daily. You can hear my full story on episode 315 of the Recovery Elevator podcast.

If you’re on the fence, just do it. This course was exactly what I needed when I was newly sober. I was looking for added accountability and connections, both of which I received. I loved the small group breakouts. This really created a safe space for me to open up and share my journey with other like-minded individuals. I still chat with a few of my group members. I’m grateful for these real connections because it’s vital for long term sobriety.

Kim, 40 - Philadelphia, PA

I highly enjoyed the RESTORE course with Recovery Elevator. There were nights where I wanted to drink, but it seemed like I had a course session every night and I didn’t want to let down the others.  I am always interested in learning more ways to cope with living an alcohol-free life and we covered that and more in this course. I learned about burning the ships, connecting with other members in a small group, and getting into a routine along with so much more. The daily support and guidance from the small groups continue to this day well after the 4 weeks. I encourage anyone looking for support, guidance, and tools to live an alcohol-free lifestyle to join. Whether you are on day 1 or day 1000, this course is an amazing resource to help you on your sober journey.

Mark, 55 - Canton, OH

I participated in the first RESTORE in January of 2021 and then the Dry July RESTORE later that year.  For me, the most valuable part was having the support of my team in the WhatsApp group (we still chat frequently to this day) and having almost nightly webinars that I could plan to attend. The ideas and information shared in the course are very valuable for one to use to help add tools to their sobriety toolbox and build a better life. Not just for sobriety, but life in general.

Michelle, 41 - Marysville, WA

I was hesitant about quitting drinking in an online zoom format. Still, after countless failed attempts on my own, I decided I had to do something different. I’m glad I did because this course gave me the foundation and confidence to ditch the booze. It’s been 44 days since my last drink, and I don’t think I’d be here without Restore or the people that I met during the course. I thought I’d be the only one from Australia, but there were a few others… and I even had an in-person meet-up with another Restore member, which was a lot of fun. I look forward to living life alcohol-free, and if I ever find myself in a bind with alcohol again, I know where to go!

Noah, 44 - Sydney, Australia

I joined the last RESTORE course as a way to see if I could stay sober for 30 days. I didn’t think I had a “real” drinking problem, just curious to see how it would go. I found out at about seven days in that I was craving alcohol, and drinking had a much deeper grip on me than I had thought. This was so eye-opening to me, and I never want to go that far down the addiction to alcohol road again. I did drink a couple of times during the Restore course, but everyone was so supportive that I got right back on it, and I’ve been sober since. I’d still be drinking if it weren’t for this course, and that scares the hell out of me.

Nancy, 33 - Sarasota, FL

I think the biggest takeaway for me from the last RESTORE course was that I’m not alone. I used to think that I was the only one who struggled with alcohol, but so many like me find it hard or impossible to control their drinking. There was even another Erik from England in my course! I like how they make it a point to insert comedy and light-heartedness into the course. Lord, knows how demoralising alcohol addiction can be. I welcomed the smiles and cheesiness.

I also firmly believe there is nothing wrong with me. Learning the science behind addiction has shown me that anyone is susceptible to alcohol addiction. This is something I can alter in my life.

Erik, 48 - U.K.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are issued for 14 days after the course start date. No questions asked.

Who is this course for?

This course is for the new comer. It’s geared towards anyone who is seriously questioning their relationship with alcohol or for someone who has previously tried to quit on their own and didn’t have the success they wanted. Consider this a “Sobriety 101.”

Is this course 12-Step based?

No, it isn’t. However, in one of the sessions, we’ll cover different healing modalities and A.A will be included. If you decide that A.A is right for you, then great! All course instructors have experience or currently attend A.A and we feel this course, in conjunction with your 12-Step program should add some major sobriety fuel to the tank.

What if I missed the webinar? Can I attend this course if I live on the other side of the world?

All sessions are recorded and a link  is sent out within 3 hours of the course. We do recommend attending “live” as much as possible so you can participate in the small group breakout discussions. There may be some late nights for those of you in the U.K timezones, but should be worth it.

Oops, I drank during the course... now what?

You wouldn’t be the first or the last. Our advice is to keep showing up. Over and over. You betcha we value continuous alcohol-free time, but we feel there are other more important parameters of success, such as loving yourself regardless of where you find yourself at this very moment.

Can I sign up after the course start date?

Yes, you can sign up at any time during the month the course is offered.

Is this a religious or spiritual based course?

Religious no, but spiritual yes. Our guy Patrick will cover all that stuff including what a Higher Power means, do you need one, how to levitate and how to summon an eagle with your thoughts. Well, maybe not all of that.

Recovery Elevator Restore January Sobriety Course

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