The human brain has 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day and most of them are wrong and cause unrest in the mind. Invest in yourself with the gift of calm. You deserve the serenity and clear mind that meditation provides. Finding inner peace when quitting drinking alcohol is paramount and that’s why I’ve created the music and prompts in these free guided meditations. I’ll help you get the message that alcohol is no longer needed in your life past the analytical brain to the subconscious.

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Meditation is a way to work with the mind (not against), to establish inner calm and harmony. This is done by learning not to get distracted by the thinking mind and allowing whatever emotions are present to pass. The thinking mind has 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day and most of them are wrong. When we are attached to thoughts, which are always located in the past and future, we deny the body of vital energy needed for healing, digesting food, creativity, and spiritual exploration.

What it is
• About letting thoughts go
• About loosening the energetic ties to past and future
• Turning the focus within with awareness
• About being present, and focusing on what is happening without judgement or labels
• Putting the body and mind in an environment where the healing happens naturally
• About lowering brain waves from highly excited states of beta, into calmer more relaxed states of alpha and theta
• Is about getting closer to source and true self
• Meditation is a skill
• A way to raise your vibrational frequency in the present moment

What it isn’t
• Isn’t about stopping thinking
• Isn’t about getting or attaining anything
• Isn’t discovering who you are, but more about who you aren’t
• Isn’t hypnosis or going into a trance
• Isn’t just for buddhist monks and zen masters. Anybody can meditate
• Running away from reality – meditation can be the most intense form of facing an uncomfortable life situation.
• Selfish – It all starts from the inside out…  You need to heal the healer (you) before you can help others
• About controlling the mind
• A quick fix, but a practice

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