The Recovery Elevator Sobriety Tracker available on iTunes .

Recovery Elevator Sobriety Tracker App Best OfIt’s essential you track  progress in sobriety and always remember the day you took your last drink. The Recovery Elevator Sobriety tracker mobile app available on Android and iPhone will track the duration of time since your last drink, how much money you’ve saved since you quit drinking and how many useless calories you have not consumed. The app will count the seconds, minutes, days, months and years as you move forward in sobriety. It doesn’t matter if you have 24 hours or 7 years of sobriety, the app visually shows to you that time is moving forward. Quitting drinking quite possibly could be the most difficult thing you have ever embarked upon in your life so be sure to add this sobriety tracker to your tool kit. Users can email us at info@recovery if you would like the app to track other things such as the number of DUI’s avoided or number of wedding not ruined. It’s impossible to put a price on sobriety but this app is $.99 cents and has been integral to my recovery.

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