Café RE is the private online confidential community! Get accountable and be the best version of you.

What is the Recovery Elevator Community?

Café RE is the private Recovery Elevator community of like minded individuals who are working together to achieve a new life. Quitting drinking alone is nearly impossible, but when surrounded by others who seek the same goal, you’re giving yourself a chance.

As I stated in the video, it seemed as if I was the only person on this planet with a drinking problem. One July evening in the summer of 2014, at 1:55am I desperately searched for an online community, hoping to find something like Café RE. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a community, but I did find a Bud Light Lime advertisement on Facebook, and guess what I was drinking moments after.

This disease and addiction led me to a failed suicide attempt in 2014. What I now realize, is I’m lucky: I survived.  Alcohol and the stigma surrounding alcoholism claims over 3 million lives worldwide each year. My sobriety date is September 7th, 2014 and I don’t plan on going back,

– Paul

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You’re never alone

With technology today, you can connect with others across the globe instantly with a smart phone. Members have access to the private non searchable Facebook group where you will find support and accountability from others who share the same vision of a better life. This disease will do its best to convince you that you can do this on your own, but take me from me, that is a tough road to go down.

New Accountability Program

Members can choose to be paired with an accountability partner based on their sobriety date, age, and geographic location. We have found that the more accountability you create; the better chance you have of getting sober. If you don’t feel your assigned partner is not the best fit, no problem, we will get you a new accountability partner.

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Here is what you can expect to see

Meet-ups and retreats

With several meet-ups and retreats in the books, it’s safe to say these events are magical. Don’t just connect via the web, but meet in person and continue the conversation face to face. Members of the Café RE community can attend exclusive regional meet-ups, the national meet-up, retreats and all of the online webinars. These events are exclusively for Café RE members only.

Book Club

This may be the first book club where we actually read the book and don’t drink wine. Participate in active monthly discussions about the book which are sometimes attended by the author who wrote the book.

Discounts and priority registration

For retreats and other events open to the Recovery Elevator audience, Café RE members get priority early bird registration times with discounts. Save up to $100-$300 on events and reserve your spot before others are allowed to register.


Attend and participate in private online webinars with industry professionals such as addiction counselors, therapists, dieticians, doctors, psychiatrists, recovery coaches, authors and more.


It’s tough to put a price on something that has the potential to improve every aspect of your life. Currently, access to this community is only $12 per month. Once you register, you’re locked in at your price. In the future, our price may increase, but for new members only.
If you decide this isn’t for you, not a problem. Email and we will cancel the subscription.
Click here for cancellation policy, privacy policy, and community guidelines.

Join Now

Okay, this sounds great, but I’ve got some questions…

Without subscription, what RE content will I still be able to access?
The following are all still accessible and free!
Facebook page

 What does the monthly subscription give me access to?

Great question, but in order for this life transformation to take place, a shift of thinking needs to occur. The question should be, what can I give to this community, instead of what can I take from the community. In short, you are getting access to an incredible online community with others who have been successful in their goal to quit drinking.  Members have access to the exclusive, non searchable, Facebook group where they can connect daily with other like minded individuals from all over the world at any time of the day. Members gain access to the accountability program. Being part of this community gives you access to online meet-ups and webinars.

Why is there a charge to be a part of this community? Alcoholics Anonymous is free!

Recovery Elevator is not affiliated with any 12 step programs. We feel there is tremendous value in something that can positively change the course of a life. In all honesty, we feel this incredible private community is undervalued and the price may increase in the future, but for now, it’s only $12 a month. That’s less than one night of drinking; much less.

I really want to join this community, but I can’t afford it. Does this mean I can’t join?
Absolutely not. Anonymous scholarships are available for those who cannot cover the monthly cost. Email to get started.

Do I have to choose between a 12 step program and the Recovery Elevator membership community?

Definitely not. Café RE is a private confidential community and not a program.  Café RE another resource to put into your recovery portfolio. Many Café RE members attend 12 step meetings and are part of the Café RE private community.

How can I pay?

You can pay online with any major credit/debit card.

When is the amount deducted from my bank account?

The charge should post within 1-3 days depending on your bank and your next payment will be made exactly one month after your initial payment. Monthly payments will be made until the subscription is canceled.   

What if I change my mind? Can I cancel?

You can cancel at time. When you sign up, you will be send an email with a link to your dashboard where you can cancel. Or feel free to email to cancel. Please let us know why you have decided to cancel so we can make improvements if need be.

I live in Australia and was hoping I could make one monthly payment for x number of months rather than a monthly direct debit?

Not a problem. Here is the link for the $85 per year rate.

I don’t live in the United States – can you explain if I’ll have full access to all the subscription offerings?

It may be more of a challenge to make the in person meet-ups in the United Stated, but our goal is to eventually have meet-ups in the U.K, Australia, Asia, South Africa and more. Everything else you should have full access to. There will be online webinar meet-ups but the times are all hours of the day so you should be able to find a time that works for you.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift? Or buy one to ‘pay it forward’ – i.e.: purchase a subscription for a person in need rather than make a traditional donation to RE?

Of course you can purchase a one year membership as a gift, or a scholarship, but you need to make sure the person is open to receiving that gift.

Why is the life time membership no longer available?

In 2009, I was part of a gym I rarely attended, but sure enough, after I saw that $34 monthly charge on my bank statement, it got my butt back into the gym; at least for a few days. A monthly fee on a bank statement is an affirmation I hope remind you to utilize this great resource.

I relapsed after one week in the RE Community. Can I get a refund?

First off, we’re sorry to hear about your relapse. However, we do not give refunds based on relapsing but you can cancel at any time.

What my accountability partner isn’t a good match, or I haven’t heard from them?

Be patient, as it may take time to get a response. If you haven’t heard from your assigned partner within 4-5 days, then email us at and you will be set you up with a new partner.

Are there any Terms and Conditions that I can read before signing up?
Absolutely.  They are linked below

Facebook Community Guidelines

Forum Community Guidelines

Privacy Policy

Subscription Terms and Condition use

I did an interview on the Recovery Elevator podcast and I haven’t seen my check in the mail.

The Recovery Elevator podcast is free. I also haven’t seen my check in the mail because again, this podcast is free.

What does ‘non-searchable’ Facebook page really mean?

This means that there is absolutely no way anyone can see who is in the group or what has been posted unless they are a paying member. 

How regularly will the meet-ups occur? How will I hear about them? How will the decision be reached regarding where they will be held?

At this moment, we don’t know how often they will occur, but we are hoping for 3-4 regional meet-ups, 1 national meet-up and 1 retreat.

How often will the Sober Travel events be organized? How will I hear about them? How will the decision be reached regarding where they will be held?

Currently there is a trip being planned to Cusco, Peru. The Sober Adventure Travel concept is just an idea but it’s an idea that is already in the works and we are discussing locations, itineraries, etc. I really want to make this happen.

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