A benefit of doing the RE Podcast, is learning about more fantastic resources for our recovery portfolios.

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Must Read recovery books

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Health and Nutrition

Thank you Shelly Larsen Fitness for this great free downloadable PDF about Nutrient Deficiencies with alcoholics.

Shawn, from podcast episode #32 creator of the Model Health Show Podcast provided RE with links to some of the items he mentions in the podcast.

Rebounder – Mini trampoline for cardio. NASA says this is the most effective form of exercise and detoxification. Moves your lymphatic system and starts to remove the muck that has built up into our systems over years of drinking. Start with no more than 10 minutes. . This helps drop your cortisol levels which will reduce stress throughout the day.

Magnesium – Key to the early sobriety.

Spirulina – Highest form of protein in the world by weight. Rich in B vitamins

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin (B2) great for depression

Vitamin B3 – Niacin. Helps capillaries dilate and get blood to your system and help eliminate waste in the body.

Vitamin B12 – Great for Energy

Multi B Vitamin – A great combination of all the B Vitamins.

Green Super Food Blend – Not processed in a laboratory and is great for early recovery.

Quick Reads

Terminal Uniqueness

Focus on the similarities and not the differences

Personal Exceptionalism

Following a similar path

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