Asking for help is hard, but I need your help

My number one goal with Recovery Elevator is to fight the stigma surrounding alcohol and this will require resources. If you find the Recovery Elevator podcast, community and website useful or if you know someone who struggles with alcohol then I encourage you to give. Service is what recovery is founded upon and this same principle will help eradicate the stigma.

One thing alcoholics struggle with is asking for help. Many attribute this to pride, an overbearing ego, or sometimes people don’t seem to want help even when on the outside, help is what they are in dire need of. Sure, I am guilty of not asking for help due to these reasons, but in my case the paramount reason I did not ask for help was due to the stigma surrounding alcoholics, alcoholism and addiction. I was ashamed. I felt like a loser. I felt like a weak person because according to all the shows on TV, I should be able to responsibly kick back a few beers then simply stop before getting drunk right?  I had this “I got this attitude” or “this time it will be different” mentality due to what was ingrained into my head due to this stigma.



Help Fight the Stigma

The stigma is just as dangerous as alcohol

Give in support of a loved one

You can help even when they don’t ask

Remind yourself of your goal with every sip

Keep yourself accountable and start the day right

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