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What does the monthly subscription give me access to?

Great question! Members will have access to the exclusive, non-searchable, Facebook group where they can connect daily with other like-minded individuals from all over the world at any time of the day.  Members can choose to be paired with an accountability partner based on their sobriety date, age, and geographic location. All courses are included for Café RE members. Members can attend online meetings, online discussions, online book club, online movie club, online men’s meetings, online women’s meetings, and online virtual hangouts. Members can attend Café RE specific independently organized meet-ups and the yearly Café RE service project. Members get discounts to Recovery Elevator retreats, LIVE events, and alcohol-free travel trips. Members also get access to the member listing where they can connect via email to other members who live nearby or when they are traveling. we think $24 per month is a dang good deal.

What does ‘non-searchable’ Facebook page really mean?

This means that there is absolutely no way anyone can see who is in the group or what has been posted unless they are a paying member. 

What is the current monthly fee for Café RE?

Currently it’s $24 per month to connect with fellow like minded individuals who also want to ditch the booze. Roughly the cost of a few drinks at a restaurant of bar. The rate does occasionally change but if you’re a member, you’re locked in at that current rate.

Do I have to choose between a 12 step program and the Recovery Elevator membership community?

Goodness no. Café RE is a community to supplement whatever resources that are working for you. Several of our members attend 12-step meetings, smart recovery, while some only participate in Café RE. There is no right or wrong pathway out of addiction and if someone tells you differently…

I really want to join this community, but I can’t afford it. Does this mean I can’t join?

Let’s make it work!  Email and let us know what monthly rate you’re comfortable with. The lowest we allow is $1 per month. Just like when you see that monthly gym membership on your credit card bill, you get your butt in the gym, we want you to have some skin in the game and be an active member in the community.

Where does my monthly membership fee go?

15% of all monthly membership fees go towards our yearly service project where we partner with a non-profit. Another portion goes to the independently organized Café RE meet-ups where a dinner or activity is covered. And like any other business, we have lighting, heating, office rent, monthly bills, wages and salaries to pay.  Also, we are saving up for an in person retreat facility in the southwest region of the United States or somewhere in Central America.

When is the amount deducted from my bank account?

The charge should post within 1-3 days depending on your bank and your next payment will be made exactly one month after your initial payment. Monthly payments will be made until the subscription is canceled. You can cancel by emailing

How can I pay?

You can pay online with any major credit card. Currently we don’t accept paypal, bitcoin or fresh mangoes.

What if I change my mind? How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. When you sign up, you’re sent an email with a link to your dashboard where you can cancel. Or feel free to email to cancel. Please let us know why you have decided to cancel so we can make improvements if need be.

Do you offer a yearly rate?

At this moment we don’t. But it never hurts to ask.

I don’t live in the United States – can you explain if I’ll have full access to all the subscription offerings?

It might prove imprudent to attend a weekend meet-up if you’re coming from London, but many members who live overseas do make the trip for longer retreats. Webinars are offered at times conducive for those living in the EU and Australia. You can request to be paired with an Accountability Partner who is in your same time zone and we’ll do our best to accommodate that request. For courses, we do our best to pair you with others in a similar time-zone.

I relapsed after one week in the RE Community. Can I get a refund?

First off, I am sorry to hear about your relapse. Relapse was a big part of my story, and this journey can be difficult at times but in the end, I am the one responsible for my decisions and not Recovery Elevator, AA, or your parents. You can cancel at any time, but you will not be refunded.

What if I don’t like my accountability partner? Or I haven’t heard from them?

Be patient, as it may take time to get a response. If you haven’t heard from your assigned partner within 4-5 days, then email us at and we will set you up with a new partner.

Are there any Terms and Conditions that I can read before signing up?
How frequent are the Café RE meet-ups? How will I hear about them?

Independently organized Café RE meet-ups take place about once or twice a month. These can be weekend excursions or lunch at a local restaurant. You’re more than welcome to organize a meet-up and we love helping out! We inform members of meet-ups in the weekly Café RE email as well as create the events on the Facebook group.

Sober travel.. let's see the world. When is the next trip?

Check the events tab for the next alcohol-free travel itinerary. These trips are life changing. We’re hoping for Costa Rica 2020 and possibly Peru, or western Europe in summer 2021.

Why is there a charge to be a part of this community? Alcoholics Anonymous is free!

Recovery Elevator has been clear from episode 1 on February 25th, 2015 that we are not affiliated with any 12 step programs. AA passes a basket which works for them… so technically, AA isn’t free either.  We tried the virtual basket and came up short. This is the model that we’ve found works best. Overall, it’s a fraction of the amount spent monthly on booze.

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