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Recovery Elevator Sobriety Retreat
We all have a story to tell. Ditching The Booze: Writing a New Narrative is a 5-week course to help you explore your sobriety story through journaling and writing prompts. When we drink, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rollercoaster of thoughts, feelings and emotions running through our minds. Writing helps to get out of your head, unpack those old narratives, leave them on the page, and begin a new story. It is a process of self-discovery, courage and finding your voice. Whether you’re on day 1 or 1,000, this course will help you explore the creative process of writing, reflect on and unpack your sobriety story in a safe space and establish a journaling practice to carry forward with you on this journey.  **This course is included with Café RE membership.**
Recovery Elevator Sobriety Retreat

Stay tuned for exciting updates!  We are currently in the process of finalizing destinations and dates for our 2024 Sober Travel trips.  Prepare for unforgetable trips that will inspire and transform you.

Recovery Elevator in Costa Rica 🤙 January 2023

Recovery Elevator Alcohol-Free trave

Alcohol-Free Travel

See The World In Ways You’ve Never Imagined

 Traveling the world with other like-minded individuals is an absolute blast. There is an alcohol free travel movement happening now and we want you to be part of it! Gone are the days where partying is the focal point of a travel itinerary. With Recovery Elevator, you get to check out the top destinations across the globe, build life long relationships and participate in cutting edge recovery workshops along the way. In each sober travel itinerary, we find ways to get off the beaten path, connect with locals and work with local organizations!


Hear what people have to say about these life changing events!

“Going to Costa Rica with Recovery Elevator was a dream. Everything about the trip was amazing, but traveling and connecting with a group of people whom I knew would only support my sobriety was irreplaceable. I can’t wait for future sober travel with Recovery Elevator! “

Elizabeth, 27 - Berwyn, PA

“Costa Rica was the adventure I needed! I made loads of connections and new sober friends. Between our excursions, workshops, and games we made lasting bonds while traveling Costa Rica. I would do it again in a heartbeat! “

Nick, 34 - Grand Rapids, MI

“I have to say that traveling to a foreign country during the omicron surge brought up some anxiety. I had to talk myself into getting on the plane to San Jose. However once I got there I knew I was safe. I quickly realized Recovery Elevator had it under control. The tour company they hired, G Adventures, planned out the top three sites to see from waterfalls in La Fortuna to zip lining in Monte Verde and topped it off in Manuel Antonio where we spotted some amazing wildlife. Recovery Elevator picked a beautiful country that was inspiring to continue my recovery journey and continue to heal alongside of others desiring the same thing… Sober connection and adventure. The recovery workshops that were included were amazing including my first experience with breath-work. Not only did I feel safe among this group but I felt proud strong and inspired. I’m glad I silenced Bruno and went on this trip – I’m stronger for it and made some amazing memories and sober friends.”

Ashley, 43 - Dallas, TX

“Costa Rica was my first experience going on a sober vacation. It was extremely important in my early sobriety to prove to myself that I could indeed have fun without drinking. The RE group that I went with was incredible. It was so refreshing to be with a group of people (people I had never met before) and feel so comfortable and at home. Expanding my social network is key in moving away from the self-isolation behavior that kept me drinking for years. I look forward to my next RE get-together.”

Don, 42 - Clarkston, MI

“Costa Rica for me was an extraordinary sober adventure. The days were full of nonstop challenges and many fun things to do which definitely took  me out of my comfort zone.  Many new connections were made and memories that I will never forget.”

Kevin, 52 - Long Island, NY

“In October 2018 I had the good fortune of being able to travel to Peru with Paul and the RE community. Not only did I gain some new lifetime friends, but we were able to perform service work and quickly developed heartfelt connections within a local Peruvian community. I’ve been forever changed by the experiences on that trip, and I’m looking forward to future adventures with this group!

Karen - Denver, CO

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