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Get outside your comfort zone and join us in person for a Recovery Elevator event or retreat. Learn firsthand how incredible an alcohol-free life can be. 

Join us in Nashville, TN this February for the Recovery Elevator Social Retreat weekend or just the Recovery Elevator LIVE in Nashville event on Saturday, February 23rd. Hear from the Recovery Elevator Podcast host Paul Churchill and learn how to embrace community and no longer rely on willpower to stay sober. Be prepared to laugh, have fun and meet other amazing individuals who are leading a successful life without alcohol. Getting sober doesn’t have to be such an uphill battle. Learn tips and strategies from others who have been successful in sobriety and are just like you.  If you’re a Café RE member, be sure to check the events tab for a 25% off coupon. Registration opens 11/19.

Recovery Elevator is back in Big Sky Country in August of 2019. Registration for this epic retreat will open on March 1st, 2019 and space is limited to 50 spots so don’t wait to register. We did this retreat in 2017 and it was clear after day two that this retreat needed to happen again. We added an additional day to this retreat and will be bringing in outside guests and speakers to provide a world-class recovery retreat. Workshops such as breathwork, brain spotting, yoga, healthy routines, meditative methods and more will all be offered to propel you forward in your sobriety.

After the Recovery Elevator Peru retreat, it was clear that we needed to get another international itinerary on the calendar. Traveling the world, with other like-minded individuals, without compromising sobriety is a recipe for a trip of a lifetime. On this upcoming trip, we will be getting off the beaten path and be doing service projects with local non-profit organizations while seeing some of the most historical sites and destinations in Asia.  We cannot wait to get the details finalized for this trip and you can expect to see more information coming within the next couple months. Registration should open April or May of 2019 for this trip. 

Karen Hirko
“In October 2018 I had the good fortune of being able to travel to Peru with Paul and the RE community. Not only did I gain some new lifetime friends, but we were able to perform service work and quickly developed heartfelt connections within a local Peruvian community. I’ve been forever changed by the experiences on that trip, and I’m looking forward to future adventures with this group!
Karen H - Denver Colorad

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