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Get outside your comfort zone and join us in person for a Recovery Elevator event or retreat. Learn firsthand how incredible an alcohol-free life can be.
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Join fellow Café RE members and give back at our yearly service project. 15% of monthly fees are dedicated to working with non-profits who help those affected by addiction. These are very powerful events. A paramount goal of Recovery Elevator is to empower others with knowledge about alcohol and addiction and how to come together as a community to support those who wish to quit drinking. In addition to community outreach, we also might roll up our sleeves and help build homes, improve existing infrastructure and get to know the locals! This event is for Café RE members only. 


Recovery Elevator RESTORE Sobriety Course

RESTORE is our intensive thirteen-session alcohol-free course for those who have reached the decision alcohol no longer has a place in your life. 75 minutes sessions are Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, with a bonus Mocktail 101 class. Connect with others in optional (highly recommended) WhatsApp groups with daily discussion prompts and course work assigned twice per week. Course topics include calming the mind, building accountability, dealing with intense emotions, how to have fun again, dealing with the thinking mind, sound healing, and more. This course is excellent for someone who is still on day one or within their first year away from alcohol. Registration opens Monday, June 7th.

Recovery Elevator Sober alcohol-free retreat Bozeman Montana
This is our flagship annual retreat held in the pristine forests of Big Sky Country, 10 miles south of Bozeman, Montana. During this 5-day event, you’ll discover how to expand the boundaries of your comfort zone. Meditations for the workshops will be performed LIVE as we collectively learn to raise energies without external influences. There will be 1/2 day of SILENCE built into this retreat, a lakeside BBQ, hiking, relaxing, and connecting with others who wish to lead an alcohol-free life. This event is expected to fill up well in advance so don’t wait to claim your spot. Stay tuned for a registration date.
Recovery Elevator Sobriety Course, Ditching the Booze the What the Why and the How

(DTB) is a six-week course for Café RE members only. Times are Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST for 60 minutes, followed by an informal “parking lot” discussion for Q&A. This course is all about connection. Meet together as a group once per week, participate in smaller breakout discussions and connect with others in your optional (highly recommended) WhatsApp group. Coursework assigned after each session. DTB is our intro course to an alcohol-free life. If you’re exploring a life without alcohol, this course is a must. We’ll cover accountability, routine, dealing with cravings, mindfulness, spirituality, and more. This course is included with Café RE membership.

This virtual event will host breakout rooms where you’ll make deep connections with people from all over the country, a lineup of amazing workshops, entertainment on both evenings, and some surprises sprinkled in throughout the sessions… We may already have a pet show and tell and a joke contest on the itinerary 😉 The goal of this event is to come together in spite of all the disconnection in the world and provide a safe place to facilitate healing while keeping things fun and authentic. This event is for Cafe RE members ONLY and will be hosted via ZOOM. Registration is required for this event and is included with Café RE membership.

Recovery Elevator Costa Rica Alcohol-free travel trip

The Recovery Elevator Costa Rica 2022 retreat is catered towards individuals who want to connect with others that are also on their alcohol-free journey. The opposite of addiction is connection and this trip is all about connecting! If you love to travel and saying yes to adventure, this trip is for you. We will kick off in San Jose, head to La Fortuna/Arenal, continue onto the cooler cloud forest in Monteverde and then head to the beach at Manuel Antonio before heading back to San Jose. Included in this trip are a guided night-time nature walk, thermal hot springs, an afternoon on a catamaran, recovery workshops, and guided meditations. As they say in Costa Rica – Pura Vida 🤙


Recovery Elevator Quit Drinking Retreat

At this event, you’ll explore practical ways to calm and steady the mind. Learn how to exit from the fight-or-flight high beta brain waves to the calmer states of alpha and theta. Explore fundamentals of meditation and participate in group meditations with live music. Sound healing/LIVE music is a large component of this event. Learn how music (sound vibrations) can create inner harmony at the cellular level, resulting in more clarity and focus. You’ll build in-person connections during the several scheduled small group breakout sessions. Spouses and significant others are invited to attend. Space is limited to 200 participants, and we encourage you to stay with us at the hotel.

Recovery Elevator Sober Travel India

Come realize the ultimate truth of your nature and existence and experience the oldest surviving religions, customs, and rituals on the planet. India is the birthplace of four great Dharmic Religions of the world namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, countless sects, and yogic and tantric traditions. On this 14 day trip, we hit the big destinations in India while also getting off the beaten path for a night of glamping and connecting with local communities. On this alcohol-free trip, you’ll connect with the inner child while exploring some of the most spiritually profound locations across the globe.

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“In October 2018 I had the good fortune of being able to travel to Peru with Paul and the RE community. Not only did I gain some new lifetime friends, but we were able to perform service work and quickly developed heartfelt connections within a local Peruvian community. I’ve been forever changed by the experiences on that trip, and I’m looking forward to future adventures with this group!

Karen - Denver, CO

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