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Hola alcohol-free traveler!

This trip is the ultimate combination of alcohol-free travel and retreat. This action-packed tour of Costa Rica’s highlights is perfect if you love nature and being outdoors. At Recovery Elevator we strongly believe the opposite of addiction is connection: we will be connecting with nature, the stars, the ocean, the land, food, others who have ditched the booze, and most importantly ourselves. We will be kicking off in San Jose, then head to Arenal/La Fortuna where hot springs await as well as a community coffee plantation tour. In La Fortuna, we will spend as much time in nature as possible and you’ll also have free time to explore. Later we travel to the cloud forests of Monteverde for a guided night hike to learn about nocturnal life in the jungle firsthand. We then travel to the ocean on the west coast and visit Manuel Antonio National Park for endless sand beaches and coastal sunsets. Recovery workshops such as breathwork, guided meditations, and sound healing are also included. The goal is to connect, have fun and learn how to deepen with your alcohol-free journey. Included excursions are guided night-time nature walk and catamaran tour. Optional activities (not included) are zip-lining, horseback riding, snorkeling, surfing, and standup paddle-boarding. There are 34 spots reserved for this magical trip and we hope to see you there!

ITINERARY (subject to change)

Day 1 – Jan 15th – San José. Arrive at any time after 3 PM. Meet and greet social with the group. We will stay at Radisson San Jose

Day 2 – Jan 16th – San José/La Fortuna. Visit the Mi Cafecito Community Coffee Plantation and  relax in the local hot springs. Stay at hotel Magic Mountain

Day 3 – Jan 17th – La Fortuna. Morning workshop then Free afternoon in La Fortuna. Experience the outdoor adventures, amazing wildlife and natural wonders in this area.

Day 4 – Jan 18th – La Fortuna/Monteverde. Travel to the lush cloud forests of Monteverde for a guided nighttime nature walk. Stay at El Establo

Day 5 – Jan 19th – Monteverde. Morning Workshop followed by a free day in Monteverde for optional excursions.

Day 6 – Jan 20th – Monteverde/Manuel Antonio. Travel to quiet beach town Quepos, just outside Manuel Antonio National Park. Sunset walk on the beach. Stay at Hotel San Bada

Day 7 – Jan 21st – Manuel Antonio. Morning workshop followed by a catamaran trip in the afternoon.

Day 8 – Jan 22nd – Manuel Antonio/San José. Relax on the beach or surf before heading back to San Jose. Radisson San Jose

Day 9 – Jan 23rd – San José – Group closing. Depart at any time out of San Jose International airport.


Recovery Elevator Sober alcohol-free travel

Full Itinerary – Subject to Change


Day 1 – Jan 15th- San José – Meet at hotel from 3:00 – 6:00 PM.
Arrive and meet your fellow alcohol-free travelers! We will have a get-to-know-you welcome dinner and then break out into small groups for closer connections.
Hotel: Radisson San Jose or similar

Day 2 – Jan 16th – San José/La Fortuna
Drive to Sarapiquí to visit Mi Cafecito Community Coffee Plantation. Learn about the impact this project has had on the community and sample some of the products they sell. Continue to the Arenal region and take advantage of a free afternoon to experience the area’s adventure activities and natural wonders. Enjoy an included relaxing soak in the local hot springs.
Hotel: Magic Mountain or similar

Day 3 – Jan 17th – La Fortuna
Morning breath-work workshop followed by a free day in La Fortuna. Experience the outdoor adventures, amazing wildlife, and natural wonders in this area. There are enough activities here to keep you busy all afternoon. This would be a great time to try and find an AA meeting if you normally attend meetings back home.
Hotel: Magic Mountain or similar

Day 4 – Jan 18th – La Fortuna/Monteverde
Travel by bus and boat through the stunning Costa Rican scenery up into the cloud forest. Take an included guided night walk to learn about nocturnal life in the jungle firsthand.
Hotel: El Establo or similar

Day 5 – Jan 19th – Monteverde
Join us for a sound healing workshop in the morning and then enjoy free time to explore the cloud forest region of Costa Rica. Nature is healing; remember to try your best to stay connected to what is happening around you – you are right where you need to be!
Hotel: El Establo or similar

Day 6 – Jan 20th – Monteverde/Manuel Antonio
Travel to the beach town Quepos, just outside Manuel Antonio National Park. Opt to visit the park or relax on the beach in this fun surf town. Enjoy a night out and perhaps learn how to salsa. Who said sober travel couldn’t be fun? Let’s debunk this myth together.
Hotel: Hotel San Bada or similar

Day 7 – Jan 21st – Manuel Antonio
Morning workshop at the hotel and then visit Manuel Antonio, National Park. We will hop on a large catamaran for a sunset cruise!
Hotel: Hotel San Bada or similar

Day 8 – Jan 22nd – Manuel Antonio/San José
Opt to chill at the beach in the morning before the journey by bus back to the capital. Make sure you exchange information with friends you have made; connection is a vital part of our alcohol-free journey, and we know that you all will have already created beautiful friendships!
Hotel: Radisson San Jose or similar

Day 9 – Jan 23rd – San José
Depart at any time today. Safe travels back home!

What’s Included

  • Shared accommodations for 8 nights
  • All transportation during the trip
  • Alcohol-Free workshops
  • All meals except 1 lunch and 3 dinners
  • 1 alcohol-free beverage (coffee, tea, soda or juice) at each meal
  • Excursions – Mi Cafecito coffee tour, guided nighttime walk, hot springs, and catamaran tour
  • All gratuity and tips


What’s not Included

  • Travel Insurance – This is Required. See FAQ for more information and where to purchase a policy. Please budget anywhere from $125-$250 for this depending on your level of comfort.
  • Single room option for $550 extra. Email to book
  • Airfare and Airport Transfers – See FAQ for more information
  • 1 lunch and 3 dinners – Please budget an additional $150-$200 for extra meals and snacks
  • Optional excursions such as snorkeling, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, zip-lining, and horseback riding. Budget an extra $300 for additional activities if this is of interest


COVID Disclosure/Policy

  • Due to recent legislation passed in Costa Rica, we are now requiring passengers to be fully vaccinated to attend this trip. Please have an original and printed copy of your vaccination status with you at all times. Most hotels and restaurants in Costa Rica now require proof of vaccination to enter the premises. We don’t want anyone sleeping outside!


Cancellation Policy

  • All but $350 refunded for cancellations up until 5 pm EST November 15th, 2021
  • 50% of total refunded for cancellations up until 5 pm EST December 15th.
  • Cancellations within 30 days of departure = 100% loss.
**(if there is a waitlist and you cancel within 30 days, we may be able to refund 50% of payment)***



Arrival Transfer Prices from airport to Radisson San Jose. Prices are the same for transfers at the end of the trip.

For one person, $44.00 / per person. For two people $22.00 / per person
For three or more people, $14.00 / per person

This event is currently sold out. Email if you’d like to be placed on the waitlist

What will the workshops be like?

We have time and space reserved for three workshops on this trip. In the workshops, you’ll be departing from old narratives, identities, and roles that no longer serve you. You’ll learn how to reprogram the unconscious mind and body to a new vision of you.
Workshops are geared towards building altruistic connections with others on the trip. We aim for you to make connections that will last a lifetime with others who no longer welcome alcohol in their lives.
We are still finalizing the workshop schedule, but you can expect to see some of the following.

– Guided walking and seated meditations in nature, at the beach, or at the hotel

– Group breath-work

– Sound healing – Harmonize and sync your energy centers with music and vibration

– Getting Clear on the New You: Learning to raise your frequency in the moment to how your future self will feel.

Like all Recovery Elevator retreats, laughter and fun are built into every aspect of the trip.

There is plenty of free time built into this trip, so you have time to relax, read, hang out at the beach, or surf!

What does the mandatory travel insurance look like?

All of our travelers must have Emergency Medical Travel Insurance that will cover the dates of the tour. This policy must meet the following criteria: (1) Medical Expenses coverage, (2) includes an emergency evacuation benefit, and (3) includes repatriation to your home country. The medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation benefits must, when combined together, cover for at least $200,000.00 USD per traveler.

Several travel insurance companies provide this service, and you may find a cheaper provider than the one we recommend below. Please budget anywhere from $125-250 for this depending on your level of comfort.

John Hancock Ins. Agency offers three different plan types (Gold, Silver, Bronze) that meet our mandatory requirements and provides you with the best protection based on your budget. They offer toll-free, 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance services to help arrange any care you may need while away from home.

NOTE: The Cancel For Any Reason Option must be purchased with the Gold, Silver or Bronze Plan within 14 Days of confirming your tour to qualify for the change of mind benefits. The Cancel For Any Reason Option allows you to cancel your trip, no less than 2 days prior to the scheduled departure date, and get back 75% of the prepaid, non-refundable payments or deposits for the covered trip arrangements. The Cancel for Any Reason option is not available in New York State.

What are accommodations like? Where are we staying?

We are staying in 3-4 star hotels on this trip. Accommodations are clean, modern, eco-friendly, and very comfortable. 

*Hotels are subject to change. 

Night 1: Radisson San Jose

Night 2: Magic Mountain 

Night 3: Magic Mountain 

Night 4: El Establo 

Night 5: El Establo 

Night 6: Hotel San Bada 

Night 7: Hotel San Bada 

Night 8: Radisson San Jose

What should I pack?


• Sandals/flip-flops

• Shoes

• Shorts/skirts 

• Sun hat/bandana

• Swimwear

• Long pants/jeans

• Reusable water bottle

• Shirts/t-shirts

• Sleepwear

• Small travel towel

• Sunglasses

• Headlamp

• Plastic rain poncho (available for under $5 at most outdoor stores)

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen

• 1 pair of long pants

• Toiletries 

• Earplugs

• Small day pack bag

• Journal and Pen

• Eye mask (optional for breathwork)

• Bugspray

• Extra spending money ($300-$500). Bring cash (US Dollars) and a debit card


• Flight info (required) (Printouts of e-tickets may be required at the border)

• Insurance info (required) (With photocopies)

• Passport (required) (With photocopies)

Health & Safety:

• Face masks (required)

• Hand sanitizer (required)

How much extra money should I bring? Should I exchange money before departing?

We recommend bringing an additional $150-$200 for meals not included. In addition, if you’d like to book optional excursions such as zip-lining, surfing, paddleboarding, horseback riding, or snorkeling, then budget $85 per activity.

All businesses in Costa Rica accept the US Dollar, so don’t worry about exchanging money.

No hablo español. Is that a problem?

It won’t hurt to know a couple of phrases like donde esta el baño, but if you don’t speak spanish, no problemo.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Recovery Elevator Sober Travel Costa Rica AF-Quest

Cloudforest in Monteverde

Recovery Elevator Sober Travel

La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano

Alcohol-Free Travel Recovery Elevator

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