Episode 358 – Don’t Forget to Sing Your Song


Today we have Randy.  He is 43, from Indianapolis, and took his last drink on December 30, 2016.


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Highlights from Paul


This week’s tips from Paul include:  1) not everyone drinks, 2) sing, 3) give yourself a hug and say I love you.


There is a lot of uncertainty in the world and change is hard.  Find your song, that melody in your soul that is uniquely you that you sing over and over. You are the master creator of your life. https://www.recoveryelevator.com/meditations/


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[9:27] Randy has been sober for nearly 5 years.  He is married with 4 kids and loves animals and running.


Randy was on episode 129.  Randy was in the restaurant business, and he was always surrounded by people who drank.  Toward the end, the hangovers and anxiety began to take a toll on him.


Drinking was a reward for Randy.  Today, Randy doesn’t have to think about drinking.  He isn’t spending money on alcohol.  Now he can afford season tickets to the Colt’s game.  He doesn’t have to think about getting there or getting back, because he is sober.


Randy is now methodical vs living on instant gratification.  He is more approachable and he loves giving service to others.


Initially watching football was really hard for Randy, because the sport was so engrained with alcohol.  Now he enjoys games more than ever.


Kris’s Summary

Kris speaks to the term chosen family.  Kris’ recovery family wants him to be successful and free.   They take him at his best and his worst.  They laugh together, cry together, dance and walk the path together.  We need to open up, be vulnerable and let others love us until we learn to love ourselves.  You can do this.


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Holiday 2021 AF Survival Guide

  • Stock up on your favorite AF beverages or another type of treat.
  • Begin a new healthy practice that you enjoy.
  • Develop a detailed craving game plan.
  • FOMO to JOMO – Pick an upcoming event and sit it out.
  • Select a Holiday Theme Song.
  • Pick your Thanksgiving beverage of choice and enjoy
  • One minute of intense mindfulness
  • Sticky Note – Write a reminder, affirmation, or goal on a sticky note and place it somewhere where you’ll see it each day
  • Have a fun escape plan
  • Offer to do the dishes
  • Study your why’s
  • Rest
  • Uno reverse card
  • Remind yourself you are safe
  • Play the tape forward
  • Treat yourself to a gift
  • Take 3 deep breaths


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