Sarah took her last drink on April 22, 2019. With over a year away from alcohol (at the time of this recording), this is her story of living alcohol free (AF).


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Odette’s weekly installment of: Finding Your Better You


Odette recently received the book Homebody by Rupi Kaur. As Odette looks at her own sobriety as a return to self, this book is very fitting for where she is in her own journey right now. Here’s your permission slip this week: take care of yourself. This time of year can be overwhelming for many. When we are overwhelmed, we may also open the door to fear. Using our tools, we can make life manageable and hold space for everything we are feeling.


list of things to heal your mood:

  • cry it out. walk it. write it. scream it. dance it out of your body.
  • If after all that
    you are still
    spiraling out of control
    ask yourself if sinking into the mud is worth it
  • the answer is no
  • the answer is breathe
  • sip tea and feel your nervous system settle
  • you are the hero of your life
  • this feeling doesn’t have power over you
  • the universe has prepared you to handle this
  • no matter how dark it get
    the light is always on its way
  • you are the light
  • walk yourself back to where the love lives



[6:42] Odette introduces Sarah.


Sarah lives in Wisconsin with her husband and her son and their dog. She is 30 years old and works in marketing. For fun she likes running, reading and crafting. She loves live music as well.



[8:52] Can you give listeners some background on your story?


Sarah said she had her first drink around 14 or 15 years old. Form there she drank almost every weekend and became a party girl. The lifestyle continued into college. She transferred her sophomore year and focused on her health. When she turned 21 it ramped up again. Being in WI the drinking culture is strong. After college she kept partying on the weekend, but the culture of drinking kept her in it. At the age of 26 Sarah had a moment that changed it, she woke up feeling shame. In 2017 she told herself she was only going to drink on special occasions, she made it 60 days without alcohol. At a friends 30th birthday was when she drank again, and it was like old times, up until 4 am drinking. She also found out she was pregnant at the end of March 2017. While pregnant she missed drinking and was ready to get back to it. She found herself turning to alcohol as a reward. Sarah began to see that she wasn’t someone who could just have one, she always went overboard.



[21:30] Has it been cool finding different ways to unwind at the end of the day?


Sarah said she turned her beer fridge into a NA fridge. Her and her husband make mocktails. She turns to something that’s relaxing rather than alcohol to unwind.



[22:59] Talk to me about when you started this journey and being in a relationship?


Sarah said her partner was really supportive. He never said anything about her drinking, but it caused problems when she was drinking. She was worried about their relationship however because they met through partying. He however is someone who supports her no matter what.


[27:31] Did you start using social media as a way to find other sober people?


Sarah said when she was on her moderation journey, she found some accounts that were about being sober. When she got serious, she went back and found them and was amazed at how large the community had grown. Sarah found 1000 Hours Dry and enlisted a friend to do it with her. Sarah helped grow her community through Instagram. She’s co-started New Fashioned Sobriety with some friends she met through Instagram and they plan meet ups (virtual right now!).



[33:39] How was it going to the in person retreat in Bozeman?


Sarah said she was very nervous about going, but also about what her family would think. During the retreat she met and connected with so many people she wouldn’t have otherwise and really emersed herself in the event. Sarah said she came home with new tools and tons of new friends.



[37:52] Do you still get cravings?


Sarah said it’s mostly when she romanticizes her drinking, but for the most part no.



[41:28] Tell me what your most beloved tools in your toolbelt.


Podcasts are #1, this Naked Mind and the community on instgram.



[42:31] What’s your go to response when someone offers you a drink?


No thanks, it makes me feel like shit was her go to in the beginning. Now she normally brings her own so it’s not a conversation!



[43:33] Rapid Fire Round


  1. If you could talk to day 1 Sarah, what would you say?


You life is going to change so much in so many positive ways, you will still be you, you just will have a fuller life.


  1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Blue Moon


  1. What book are you reading?


The Sober Lush


  1. What parting piece of guidance can you give people thinking about ditching the booze?


Stop thinking about all the thinking you will lose, but instead focus on the possibilities.



You may have to say adios to booze if…


you black out on Easter Sunday before American Idol premiers at 7pm.


Odette’s parting words:


Love yourself hard this week. We don’t have to drink to escape our feelings. If you need any extra help, please ask for help. You can email Odette.

Together is always better.


Upcoming events, retreats and courses:

  • Recovery Elevator RESTORE January 2021 Course. We will be offering this starting 1/1/2021. We’re meeting 13 times in January via Zoom to give you the tools and accountability needed for an alcohol-free January… and hopefully more!
  • You can find more information about our events


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