Hi! I’m Kate and I’m here to give you the mocktail content you didn’t know you needed or wanted. Every other month I’ll be here with a new recipe for you to try.

Back in my drinking days I was a huge fan of cocktails. You name it, I drank it. It might have been that I turned 21 just as Sex and the City was surging in popularity and we cannot deny the hold that show had over a Cosmo. Or maybe it was my bartending in a cocktail heavy bar. Either way, I loved (and still love) cocktails.

There’s something romantic about sitting with friends and sipping a cocktail at sunset. I was worried when I quit drinking that it would never again be an option for me. All I wanted was to be included with my friends and enjoying that moment. Enter: The Alcohol-Free Cocktail or Mocktail.

For the first recipe, I’m keeping is really simple for you, just 5 ingredients and a flash to make.

Recovery Elevator Mocktail Bolog
Do I have your attention? Ok, let’s go!
Recovery Elevator Mocktail Blog

Strawberry Mojito (AF)

Serves 1
Prep time: 3 minutes

• 4 strawberries, hulled & quartered
• 10 mint leaves (torn)
• 1 teaspoon sugar or sugar substitute*
• 1/2 lime (~ 1 tablespoon)
• seltzer, lime flavored
• strawberry slices + mint leaves for garnish

Place strawberries, mint and sugar together in a glass. Use muddler (or back of a spoon) to smash and combine ingredients. Add the lime juice. Add crushed ice. Top with seltzer. Add garnish, enjoy.

*I used this sugar substitute.

Recovery Elevator Mocktail Blog

If you like this recipe, leave a comment below. Let me know any other recipes you would like to see remade without the booze by dropping a comment.

Recovery Elevator Mocktail Blog
Recovery Elevator Mocktail Blog


In July I will be teaching live a class of mocktails during the run of the RESTORE course. If you want to interact with me and learn some fun summer drinks make sure to sign up when registration goes live.

Love and Mocktails,



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