Episode 401 – Welcome Back


Today we have Jen.   She is 52, from Connecticut, and took her last drink on March 10th, 2022.


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Highlights from Paul

In episode 391, Paul asked listeners what they wanted to hear. Jeff L, with 5 years

alcohol-free (That’s what’s up!) said he wanted to hear from past guests. Great idea Jeff

as we are also curious as to where they are now.


Paul gives updates from 15 past guests.

[20:30] Jen lives in Connecticut, has 2 kids (21 & 23), and just recently got a new job as a

counselor at a treatment center.

Jen had her 1st drink at 13 years old playing quarters, which resulted in her blacking out

and being sick for 3 days. She says that was a sign of what was to come and that

drinking was never fun for her. At 19 she started thinking she was an alcoholic and

became a daily drinker.

Jen was sober for 10 years (and then another 8 years). Those first 10 years were spent in

the rooms of AA and it took 7 years before she was able to get sober again.

After losing her husband suddenly to a heart attack in 2018 Jen started drinking. Again

Jen found herself going to treatment again (4 different treatment centers since her

husband died). Jen is now sober and back in the rooms of AA.


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