Episode 393  – Hello Listeners


Today we have Alina.   She is 32, from Northern California, and has been sober since June 20, 2022.


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Highlights from Paul


If you are in a cycle of continuous Day ones, keep showing up and listening to the podcast. We believe in you.


If you have quit drinking, don’t forget incredible short memory can get us any time. Don’t look back. That old way of life didn’t work. Keep building the new.


If you are a normal drinker here to support someone, we are glad you are here. The opposite of addiction is connection, and we appreciate your support. The healing process is a collaborative effort that requires both parties to come together.


If you are in your teens or twenties, you are learning vital lessons and building resilience. When the dust settles, and your normal drinker friends begin to phase out of the party years as they marry and have kids, you will have acquired unique life skills that your friends don’t have. Your unique skills revolve around presence, listening to your intuition, taking life as it comes, loving yourself and others.   You’re more grounded. Your roots go deeper. Also, be patient. I think it’s harder to quit drinking at a younger age, but with time, and each year around the sun, some of those challenges get easier. Time is working in your favor.


If you treat or support someone who struggles with, what is addiction? Addictions are adaptive behaviors leveraged to survive in unhealthy environments. Addictions are present when something is out of balance or not in harmony with our environment.


Keep the thinking mind in check. The mind has 60,00-70,000 thoughts per day, and science has shown that most of them are not valid. Keep doing the inner work, find your people, and show the world how it’s done.


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[13:04]  Alina has been sober for two weeks. She has three kids, loves being outside, cooking, and reading. She immigrated to the US from Ukraine, is the youngest of seven, and had her first drink at age 16. Growing up, she had the impression that an alcoholic was someone who drank every day.


In 2018, Alina had her first blackout. She resolved to do something different. She listened to “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace. Moderation never worked. During the pandemic, Alina went on vacation to Mexico and drank daily. Alina continued to learn about recovery, and she learned to see the similarities in other people’s stories. She is an active member of Café RE and enjoys the chats.


Paul’s Summary


Listeners, stick together. Choose love over fear. Choose peace over being right. If the conditions are right, we bloom as a species. If the conditions aren’t right, we don’t. Humans are so close to blooming on a large scale, and addiction is fast-forwarding this process. Addiction forces us to surrender, open up, and say yes to the flow of life.


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