Today we have Noelle. She is 31 years old and from Colorado. Her last drink was on June 24, 2019.


Highlights from Odette


Odette is working on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with her therapist. ACT encourages people to embrace their thoughts and feelings rather than fighting or feeling guilty for them.


Odette is learning not to shove her feelings away but to accept them and learn not to fuse them. Embracing negative thoughts can propel you into the right thoughts and behaviors.


If I let this thought guide what I can do, will it help me create the life I want? Use the thought if it helps; diffuse it if it’s not helpful.


[8:54] Kris introduces Noelle



Noelle has been sober for 2.5 years – over 900 days!   She is an engineer and works with her brother. She has a Doberman and loves hiking, skiing, and getting outside to enjoy Colorado.


Noelle had a fake ID at 17 and always thought about how to get alcohol easier. She got into college because of her basketball skills. She got a DUI at 18, but there were no consequences. She and others justified her drinking because she excelled academically, professionally, and in basketball. She drank to get drunk. She crashed her truck for her 2nd DUI, and the consequences didn’t faze her yet. She continued to excel professionally. Workaholism and alcoholism went hand in hand for Noelle.


Noelle’s got her third DUI at age 27. She went to jail and had five months of work release and in-home detention. She accepted a TOP 30 under 30 business award, but she wore an ankle monitor during the awards ceremony and slept in a cot in jail that night. Six months later, she stopped drinking. She was a dry drunk; she just removed the alcohol. She had a one-day relapse. The following day she went to an AA meeting. Noelle has now learned that sobriety is about quality vs. quantity. She has a sponsor, is working the steps, and spiritual elegance is part of her journey.


At her sponsor’s urging, she wrote a drunkalogue which helped her see the wreckage of her past and the risky behavior. Noelle has learned that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. She is now learning to live in peace with unsolved problems.


Noelle met Odette in April when she was hiking at Zion National Park. Meeting Odette was a higher power “God shot” moment in front of hundreds of people. Recovery Elevator podcasts were critical to her early recovery and AA meetings.


You may have to say adios to booze if…


You get a Denver Business Award journal for the Top 30 Under 30 and sleep in a cot in jail that night.


Kris’s final thoughts:


Kris spoke about the impact that his drinking had on his loved ones. A door opened after a challenging conversation with his wife. Acknowledging her comments, he was scared and hopeless and beginning to face the consequences of his actions. Faith carried Kris through, and he reminds us to do the next right thing. We heal with each step we take.


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