Alex took her last drink April 25, 2020. With exactly 109 days away from alcohol, (at the time of recording) this is her story of living alcohol free (AF).

Odette’s weekly installment of: Finding Your Better You

The end of the year is the time when Odette sees a lot of “fuck-its”. Putting your goals on hold and coasting to the end of the year, to start fresh in the new year. 2020 particularly has been hard as so much was put on hold; we can now choose to make this year mean nothing or everything. Keep going, keep putting your good energy into the year. The rest of this year is a marathon, not a sprint to 2021. Hold onto your sobriety, visualize your path, see the people along the way cheering you on, see the finish line. You can do this.

[7:30] Odette introduces Alex

Alex is 28 years old. She is originally from Indianapolis, IN and just moved to Denver, CO. She loves hiking, mountain biking, being outside. She lives with a roommate and her dog. She’s the “designated ice cream friend” among her group of friends.

[10:50] Can you give listeners some background on your drinking?

Alex said she was never someone who drank daily, but she found herself often in drinking situations and she wasn’t able to moderate. She moved from Chicago back to Indianapolis and the drinking didn’t change like she hoped it would. Alex began to make rules around her drinking to try to moderate. Morning after morning of not remembering nights she began to explore and consider a life without alcohol. She wanted to remember everything.

[14:04] What drew you to start listening to Recovery Elevator?

Alex said when she was questioning her drinking, she felt she couldn’t tell anyone in her circle of friends but knew there had to be something out there in the podcast world. There was one in particular that spoke to her, she saw herself in the interviewee. Alex began to get angry at the alcohol.

[17:42] What tools work for you?

Alex said she walks every day, minimum 2 hours. That’s been therapeutic for her. It allows her to slow down and focus on the little things in life. When she feels a craving, she goes for a walk.

[19:08] Do people around you know you’re sober?

Alex said everybody knows now. It started as a whisper to some people and now it’s something that is just known. When 1000 Hours Dry was looking for a host, she signed right up, giving her an extra layer of accountability. 

[23:27] What’s your worst memory from drinking?

Alex said she woke up one morning, not remembering at all how she got home from the night before. She decided to take herself out to brunch, where she drank and rode herself home on her bike. She had an accident, breaking her wrist and giving herself a concussion. 

[27:00] What’s your go to response when someone offers you a drink?

Alex said she says “no thank you, I have my own drink!”

[28:55] Have you gotten to the bottom of why you chose to drink?

Alex said she was lonely and seeking validation. She felt she would be more likable if she drank.

[33:28] Do you ever feel a disconnect in your age decade and when you got sober?

Alex said she was nervous about this choice and how it would affect her social life. Reframing the idea of not drinking is what helped her get through it. She wanted to remember the things that hadn’t happened yet.

[33:28] Do you ever feel a disconnect in your age decade and when you got sober?

Alex said she was nervous about this choice and how it would affect her social life. Reframing the idea of not drinking is what helped her get through it.

[36:41] What’s been the hardest part of the last few months?

Letting go of expectations and having different expectations. Having to go with the flow.

[39:16] Do you have a daily routine?

Alex said she making coffee is therapeutic to her. She focuses on the enjoyment she will get from the process and the end result. She journals while drinking the coffee. Her walking is also part of what keeps her sane. Alex has some playlists that bring her peace.

 [43:42] Rapid Fire Round

  1. If you could talk to day 1 Dusty, what would you say?

You deserve a life without alcohol.

  1. What are you excited about right now?

Getting yoga certification, meeting new people.

  1. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Graham Central Station or TJ Cookie Butter

  1. What is a lightbulb moment you’ve had in this journey?

You don’t need a drink. You just need to be and sit through the feeling.

  1. What parting piece of guidance can you give listeners?

I promise this decision is fun.

You may have to say adios to booze…

You’re only guaranteed to go to a wedding if there’s an open bar.

Odette’s weekly challenge:

Commit to finishing the race. Commit to your sobriety. 

Flip the question. Instead of “What’s the worst that can happen?” ask “What’s the best that can happen?”

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