Anika is the founder of Grüvi and a member of the sober curious community. This is her story of being an entrepreneur and helping to provide NA beverages to those who want them.


Odette’s weekly installment of: Finding the Better You.

You are in charge of setting and honoring your own boundaries. Everyone has different triggers, for example if NA beers and beverages are triggering to you, then you don’t have to explore that avenue. You know how to best protect your journey. Stay open and stay curious and protect your energy.


[4:53] Odette introduces Anika.


Anika is sober curious so she’s not very strict on keeping track of dates. But her last drink was right around the beginning of Covid. She is 24 years old and lives in Canada. She enjoys being outdoors, yoga, hiking and traveling.


[6:56] Walk me through your sober curious journey.


Anika said her sober curious nature came out during her last year at University. She was a social drinker, but in her last year she found herself saying “I don’t want to have to go out with friends tonight, because then I will have to drink and then I will be hung over.” She experienced all the benefits of a life away from alcohol: better sleep, having more clarity and being more productive.


[9:38] Did something spark your thought process to become aware of a life away from alcohol at such a young age?


Anika said at first, she was like everyone else with regards to drinking and felt it was a stage in life. But when she created the Grüvi brand was when she really started to see how life can continue on without alcohol and with an alternate beverage. She was able to have a social life without having to have the social lubricant.


[11:15] How did Grüvi start?


Grüvi launched a year ago in Denver and it’s a family business. They have been a health focused family, led by their father. Finding that the NA category was lacking in options pushed them to create Grüvi.


[12:34] Where did the name come from?


Anika said Grüvi is taking the word “groovy” and making it fun and new. You can be fun and silly and youthful even without alcohol.


[14:59] Tell me about the specifics of Grüvi?


Currently there are 4 craft beers and 1 prosecco. The beers are brewed through a processed of arrested fermentation, which stops the brewing before any alcohol is introduced. However, because this does go through a fermentation process, there are trace amounts of alcohol (similar to kombuca). The prosecco is 0.0% ABV.

They are expanding too! Anika says that hopefully they will be offering a bubbly Rose by the end of summer 2020.


[20:58] Are most people open to the dialogue (about this NA movement)?


Anika said that after living in Denver for over a year after University and returning to Canada and the friend group there, she was a little nervous. Through this she has realized that her friends support her no matter what. And she told them she is happy with her decision to not be drinking so they should be too.


[23:10] What’s it like working with your family?


Anika said so far, it’s been great! They are living together again as a family and it’s been smooth. She’s enjoying the opportunity to grow closer to her family through this.


[33:30] What are you excited about right now?


Anika said every day is new and exciting. Grüvi is at that step where they are expanding and growing. This includes new states and being able to be local and accessible to more people. They are expanding their ambassador program and Anika is spearheading this. She loves getting to talk to the community and grow the movement together.


[36:50] Rapid Fire Round


  1. Other than Grüvi, what’s your favorite NA beverage?


Being her own bartender and making mocktails or a matcha latte.


  1. What is a memorable moment you’ve had while not drinking?


Going out dancing with her friends and enjoying the music.


  1. What are some of your favorite resources?



The Sober Curious & This Naked Mind

Instagram accounts:




  1. What parting piece of guidance can you give to listeners who are thinking about ditching the booze?


Take the first jump, the first decision is always the hardest. You have nothing to lose.


Odette’s challenge this week:

Give a new tool a try. Maybe you go to an AA meeting for the first time, maybe you join Café Re, maybe you ask a friend to be your accountability partner, maybe you try a new Kombucha flavor or you try a new meditation. If we don’t try new things we will never know if it will help us in this journey.

Email Odette here and tell her what you tried.


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