Dan took his last drink on July 28, 2018.  This is his story.

Update on the Alcohol is Sh!t book!  The book is out!  Pick up your paperback copy on Amazon here!  You can get the Audible version here!

On today’s episode Paul talks about how we need to read his book, and others like it, with pride.  We have to shred the shame and ditch the stigma.

He shares a letter he received from someone that attended the Recovery Elevator Retreat in Bozeman recently, and as she was reading Alcohol is Sh!t on the plane the lady sitting next to her asked about the book.  And she was able to share.  Turned out the lady was on her way to help her daughter who had relapsed and needed to hear everything she had to say.



[10:10] Paul introduces Dan. 


Dan is a father of 3, has a daughter in college and the youngest is 14.  He works as a retail executive.  He lives in New York and enjoys cycling.


[12:45] Give us a background on your drinking.


Dan says he started drinking in high school and drank all through college.  He says that drinking is a big part of the business world and he fell right into that.  He didn’t realize he had an issue, but his wife did.  He said he was drinking 5-6 drinks a night.


[15:35] Talk to us about how you asked yourself, “how can I quit?”.    


Dan says he called a hypnotist to get some help, but after his initial call to her he never followed up.  About a month later, on July 29, 2018, he was in a bad bicycle accident.   His doctors took great care of him and he hasn’t had a drink since.


[18:10] What happened after the accident?


He had a bad brain injury so was told that he should not drink, if he did, he could have a seizure or a stroke.  After 10 days Dan came home from the hospital only to find out that his wife had removed all the alcohol from the house.  Dan says that was like being asleep and thrown into an ice-cold pool.  His brother told him he needed to go to AA so he walked into one only to feel like he didn’t belong.  He left that meeting angry and determined to show everyone wrong.


[24:05] How are you feeling now?


Dan says it’s a little bit of ‘he’s going to show them (his friends and family)’ and it’s a little bit of he likes the way he feels and he looks.


[26:47] You were told by your doctor not to drink for a year, because of the chance for a stroke…did you ever have the thought when that year was up to pick up a drink?


Dan says no, in fact he went to the conference he was supposed to be at the year before and never thought about it.


[28:17] At your yearly physical you asked your doctor if you could now have a glass of wine, and he asked you, “why would you?”, can you answer that question?


Dan says because of the social aspect, he admits to missing it.


[39:20] Dan talk to us about that connected feeling. 


Dan is feeling connected to life and not the alcohol.  He is feeling more connected to his family.


[40:25] What’s on your bucket list for an alcohol-free life?


Going to a sporting event AF and seeing what that’s like and racing again.


[43:00] Rapid Fire Round


  1. What’s a lightbulb moment you’ve had on this journey?


When I was at my physical and I asked my doctor if I could have a glass of wine and he leaned across the table and asked, “why the F would you?”.


  1. What’s a memorable moment a life without alcohol has given you?


A better connection with my children and my wife.


  1. What is your favorite poison free drink?


Diet Coke, I drink too much of it.  I also like a nice latte.


  1. What are some of your favorite resources in recovery?  


My favorite resources would be my family, cycling, I have a lot of resources at work too.


  1. And what parting piece of guidance can you give to listeners?


It’s not all about work, life is a balance, and the more pressure you’re under you need a release and a hobby.


  1. You might have a drinking problem if…


You’re a business person that the alcohol is incorporated into the fabric of your life.


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