On today’s podcast we’ve got Dr. Sue Morter, and she’s going to talk to us about how our bodies and minds have the capacity to heal themselves if we allow it.

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Paul discusses addiction and how there are hundreds of definitions for what addiction is.   He has covered several of them on this podcast already, and covers many more in the book that he is currently writing. Some definitions are scientific. Some are psychological. Some explain the disease theory.

He brings up another definition that, in his opinion, may be the simplest and most accurate. Paul suggests that addiction(s) are nothing more than signposts in life. Addictions are nudges from the body, your internal and external environments, that signify that a change needs to occur.

Many people struggling with addiction ignore these internal and external cues their entire lives, and this gets ugly. There are signposts everywhere in life.  Paul’s advice? Get out of the way and let life happen.

The content that Dr. Sue Morter writes about in her book, The Energy Codes, which was released about a week ago, is profound.  (You can find the link here .)  She explains through quantum science how we can use our own energies to heal ourselves if we let it happen. Be prepared to have your mind blown.





[7:44] Paul Introduces Dr. Sue.


Dr. Sue is an international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, and a quantum field visionary. She explains how quantum science and spirituality are speaking the same language. Dr. Sue redirects the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate full human potential. Through her presentations, seminars, retreats, which Paul attended one this past February in Colorado, and her book The Energy Codes, Dr. Sue illuminates the relationship of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery.  In the book The Energy Codes, and at her retreats and conferences, she teaches individuals how to clear subconscious memory blockages.


[9:45] What is addiction? What causes it, and can it be overcome Dr. Sue? 


Dr. Sue is about the flow of energy in the body. If the energy is flowing in the body then the body is healing itself.  What happens with addiction is that there are sets of circuits that are supposed to be connecting our enteric system, meaning our digestive, hormonal, and chemical balance system, with our heart, with our mind. We’re supposed to be one big communication system, everything having a check and balance on everything else.


What happens is we have a tendency to kind of land and splat when we get here. We land in this life and our mind goes one way, our body goes another way, and our breath goes another way, and we’re kind of not operating on all of our cylinders because of that.


Addiction happens when we bypass certain aspects of our own personal power, and we reach outwardly for some kind of reassurance, whether it’s an addiction to an emotion, an addiction to needing to know the future, or to control things, an addiction then later turns into chemical addiction, substance abuse, those kinds of things.


[13:08] What do you feel about addictions, and can we overcome them?


She says we can absolutely overcome them. In fact, she feels that they are in place to reveal to us where we are here to evolve. We come into this life for a reason, and the addiction itself shows up in a certain pattern.  Dr. Sue says it’s an avenue to our wholeness, not a problem. It’s just a very intense solution.


[14:37] Earlier I talked about addiction being a signpost, almost an invitation of where to go next in life, and that many of us miss this. Can you comment on that a little bit?


We miss the lamp post, the light house, because we’re so consumed in guilt, and shame, and fear because we start to observe our addictive patterns, and we start to try to outrun them even faster because we are afraid that something is inherently wrong. That whole sensation is generated because the mind is not connected to the rest of who we are.


When we do see the light post, the sign post, everything shifts. When we don’t see it it’s because we haven’t created enough of a vibrational frequency to get the mind’s attention yet.


[17:16] Talk to us about how disconnection can lead to addiction.  


When we land and we splat, we come up from the splat attached to the mind. We are attached to the mind. It’s important to realize that we are not the mind. We have a mind, but we are so infused and inter-meshed with it that we think it’s who we are.  Bear in mind that the mind is based in duality, and the mind’s job is to separate things, to see the differences, to make distinctions.  If we’re attached to the mind, we inherently feel different and distinct from other things. When we’re attached to the heart, or to the soul, or to the truth of who we are, our true essential selves, we are connected, vibrationally speaking, to nature, and to everyone else, and to all that exists.


When we are disconnected to our heart, and our deep wisdom, we don’t experience ourselves as wise, loving, brilliant, smart, and enough to meet the bill. What happens instead is we divert, we deflect, and the energy moves around this area.  The next thing you know we’re looking for an imitation. We’re looking for some other sense of self that gets hidden in our activities, or our substances.


[21:40] Talk to us about the trap door.


This energy that’s rising up through the body that either does or does not pass through our own personal identity on its way through to love, and to manifesting the life that we would choose to have, it’s rising up through the primitive brain and it hits a trap door that’s either open or closed. That trap door is closed if we’ve experienced too many things in our past that we couldn’t really resolve.


[25:00] What advice, or what do you have to say to people who, the first month of sobriety, first six months of sobriety, they feel these uncomfortable emotions? (PAWS) Do they run away from them? Do they go towards them? What are these emotions, and what do you recommend they do when they experience them?


It’s not that the body generates those emotions when you stop drinking. Those emotions were always there. You just couldn’t sense them or perceive them, because you were either running from them, or you were numbing them out. They are your power. Your power is inside of those emotions that currently might feel a little intense, or a lot intense. And we can learn how to grab ahold of those energies and get them back into the flow, breathe them into the flow that’s trying to happen in our system that keeps us connected.


 [29:10] If we feel a meltdown coming do we squash it? What do we do? What are they?


Dr. Sue 100% suggests that we lean into it. The body is trying to get us to implode back into the soul.  Just by allowing ourselves to sit in presence with what is rising is a victory beyond what we were able to do before.


[35:48] Can you talk a little bit about how everything that happens, even on a day to day basis, is there for our advantage?


All of it is ultimately serving you. You are made of the entire cosmos, and you are packed into a body. And more of it is arriving every second, and it’s 100% in support of your awakening to this truth, to your greatness, to your magnificence. Everything that happens in your life is guiding you, and steering you toward a great shakedown that will make you let go of being attached to the mind and this idea that you’re a separate self, and accept, and receive, and perceive this amazing support that is constantly here supporting you toward you realizing a different version of life altogether.


[38:50] You did an incredible job of explaining how science, quantum physics, is blending with spirituality, with a higher power. Talk more about this.


What’s happening is science and spirituality are kind of meeting on the same page and recognizing that there is a great unifying presence, and each of us has the opportunity to allow that to guide us in particular ways.

[42:06] Dr. Sue walks listeners through exercises so they can build circuits and create new connections, inside the body, on their own. 


[55:13] Listeners, Dr. Sue’s book The Energy Codes was just released about a week ago and you can find it here.   


She also has incredible retreats, taking people to sacred sites all over the world, along with teaching all kinds of coursework across the country.   For more information you can go to DrSueMorter.com


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