Lucy, with 65 days of sobriety, shares her story.

Do I need to avoid social situations where alcohol will be present?

The answer is yes, then no, then yes.  Sorry if that’s confusing. I explain better in the episode.

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[8:40] Paul introduces Lucy

Lucy, with 65 days of sobriety, lives in London England.  She is a freelance makeup artist, which she loves doing.  She is single, likes walking, hiking, cooking, and drawing.

[11:30] Give us a little background about your drinking.

Lucy had her first experience with alcohol at age 12.  Her drinking kicked into full swing after she was 18, when she began working in bar and nightclubs.  She feels that it was a very quick descent into binge drinking and blackouts.  By the time she was 21 she found herself drinking alone more and more.  She lost every bar job she had because she would not show up for work because she was hungover.

[17:34]  Lucy’s first venture into sobriety.

At age 26, after moving to London to be a full-time makeup artist, Lucy realized that she might lose the career she loved if she continued to drink.  She tried AA, but it just didn’t resonate with her.  Within a year, after white knuckeling sobriety, she went back to drinking.

[20:01]  Her rock bottom.

Lucy had a suicide attempt at age 30, which she feels was a cry for help.  She regrets what she put her family through at that time.

She then had a second try at sobriety, and found that she had a lot of anger and resentment toward drinkers.

[23:40]  Since then, Lucy has realized that each relapse has taught her something.  She cannot moderate her drinking at all.

[27:50}  Did you attempt to moderate your drinking?

Never doing shots.

Having three blood alcohol calculators on her phone.

Avoiding going out as much as possible.

[44:28]  What is your plan in sobriety moving forward?

Not drinking, staying connected, putting sobriety first.

[45:04]  Rapid fire round.

  1. What is your worst memory from drinking?

That night in the hospital after her suicide attempt.

  1. What was your “oh shit” moment?

My 10th blackout in a row, and a four-day hangover.

  1. In regards to sobriety, what is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Find your tribe.

  1. What parting piece of guidance can you give listeners?

Believe in yourself, you’re stronger than you know.  There’s a way out for everyone.


[46:45]  You might be an alcoholic if . . .

You factor in an extra 100 pounds ($150 US) for every time you go out drinking

Because you never know in what part of the city you’ll wake up, and you might

need to call a cab.


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