Becky, with 10 months since her last drink, shares her story…………

What I learned after spending the weekend with 12 other people at a lake house:

  • People did not care that I was not drinking
  • People were appreciative to have a designated driver
  • Drunk people have the memory of a goldfish
  • Hangovers still suck
  • Noticed potential problem drinkers
  • Everyone overshot their mark
  • Alcohol makes you act like an ass
  • The yawn game sucks
  • Snap Chat only exists because of drunk people
  • Sober check ins are a good idea
  • You can do sober weekends




[11:30] Paul Introduces Becky.


Becky – I have been sober for 10 months and live in Indiana.  I work in the HR industry, am married and have 2 children.  I like to garden and cook.


[13:00] Tell me about hearing your friend Lisa on the RE podcast.


Becky – I was starting to listen to a variety of podcasts on sobriety and heard Lisa’s story.  I reached out to her via face book and she talked me through the process of AA.  I was able to ask her questions.  Something was guiding me.


[18:00] When did you realize you had a problem?


Becky – I was a binge drinker in high school but my drinking tapered off during my first marriage.  I soon fell into having a glass of wine every night as a reward.  I suffered from a major episode of depression and my therapist suggested I stop drinking. After the depression lifted, I continued drinking 1-2 bottles a night.  I tried moderating but could not stop.  I felt miserable inside.


[20:30] Tell me about your “yets”.


Becky – I would stumble around parking lots and pass out on the sidewalk.  Anything could have happened.  I would usually drink after a long day at work.  I knew my mother was an alcoholic but I had so much shame that I could not stop.  I suffered from black outs and self- loathing.


[24:21] How did you get sober?


Becky – I spoke with Lisa and told my husband.  During the first week, I went to meetings.  The first 30 days were tough both physically and mentally.  Shortly after 30 days, I started to feel better.


[27:16] How was your patience during the first 30 days?


Becky – I was anxious and very short on patience during the first 30 days.  The more I fought the craving, the worse it got.  I allowed the craving to wash over me instead of fighting it.  I was able to take a step back and just look at it.


[29:00] Paul and Becky talk about her hesitation with AA because of God


Becky – I was probably an agnostic before AA.  I did not know how I was going to bring God into my life.  But there were too many coincidences.  There had to be a type of HP intervening.  I just know that I could not do this by myself.  Some people choose G.O.D. (group of drunks)


[31:49] How important is it for you to be surrounded by others in recovery?


Becky – I could not have gotten sober without my local meetings.  I stay active in on-line support groups.  It is critical for me to be able to connect with others.


[33:41] Describe a day in your life


Becky – I meditate every day and journal.  I try and stay balanced between exercise and work.  I have also created my own blog for personal accountability (


[36:26] What have you learned the most about yourself?


Becky – I am more of a type “A” personality than I thought.  I want things done a certain way and have to learn to let that go.


[37:47] What is on your bucket list in sobriety?


Becky – I want to continue to wake up feeling good and strong.  I want to help others find jobs and help schedule interviews for them.


[38:45] Rapid Fire Round

  1. What was your worst memory from drinking? not being sober when my father passed away
  2. Did you ever have an “oh-shit” moment? my decline was more slow and pervasive
  3. What’s your plan moving forward? go to bed sober tonight
  4. What’s your favorite resource in recovery? SHAIR and Rich Roll podcasts, book “Being Sober” by Harry Haroutunian
  5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received (on sobriety)? I drink but we don’t
  6. What parting piece of guidance can you give listeners who are in recovery or thinking about quitting drinking? reach out, this is not a weakness
  7. You might be an alcoholic if… schedule your grocery shopping experience to not happen on Sundays – (because your state is dry on Sundays)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Recovery Elevator Retreat

Connect with Cafe RE– Use the promo code Elevator for your first month free

Sobriety Tracker iTunes

Sobriety Tracker Android

Sober Selfies! – Send your Sober Selfie and your Success Story to

Book – Being Sober, author Harry Haroutunian



“We took the elevator down, we gotta take the stairs back up, we can do this!”


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