October 13 – 23




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What will the schedule look like for this trip?


This itinerary is subject to change:
10/13 – Meet at Lima International Airport before 10pm
10/14 – Day 1: Fly early in the morning to Cusco
10/15 – Day 2: Cusco – Check out Cusco and acclimatize to the high altitude
10/16 – Day 3: Travel to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley and visit orphanage
10/17 – Day 4: Urubamba – Service project day 1
10/18 – Day 5: Urubamba – Service project day 2
10/19 – Day 6: Inca Trail Begin
10/20 – Day 7: Inca Trail Continue
10/21 – Day 8: Inca Trail Continue
10/22 – Day 9: Arrive at Machu Picchu and then travel to Cusco in the afternoon
10/23 – Day 10: Departure- Book flights for after 10am
Does this price include travel to Cusco?
This price does not cover travel to Lima or Cusco since attendees will be coming from different parts of the world
What Should I pack?
  • Original passport and a photo copy of your passport
  • A small daypack to carry your personal belongings
  • It’s recommended you rent a sleeping bag but you can bring one that is rated for 32 degress
  • 50-70 L hiking pack fro the Inca Trail
  • Lighter style trekking boots with good ankle support
  • Warm clothes,layers for variable temperature especially at night
  • Thermal underwear can be worn in the sleeping bag or in cold conditions
  • Gloves or mittens, scarf , wool socks, woolen hat for cold nights
  • T-shirts and trekking pants that zipoff to short pants for comfort
  • Flash light, head torch and extra batteries
  • Camera and extra batteries, – Binoculars
  • Hat with a broad visor to keep the sun off your face
  • Sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Small personal medical kit, insect repellent
  • Rain Gear: a good rain jacket, rain poncho
  • Toiletries, toilet paper, small towel
  • 1 – 2 litre water bottle,
  • Water purifying tablets  are optional, since filtered boiled water is provided
  • Bathing suit
  • Additional money for shopping
  • Emergency money of at least $150 – $200 
How Difficult is the Inca Trail?
The Inca trail is a 38 mile trek that reaches over 15,000 feet in elevation, but it is not considered a difficult hiking trail. Moderate training is recommended before the trek, but none is required. The pace of the trek is very slow so travelers can take in the beautiful scenery.
Why does the deposit or full payment have to be in so early?


The deposit needs to be in at least 6 months in advance because there are only a certain number of tickets sold for each day to enter the inca trail. Often times these tickets sell out 5-6 months in advance. We also need an updated passport photo in order to purchase the Inca Trail ticket.


What type of volunteer work will we be doing?


We will be volunteering in the local villages near the Sacred Valley for the non profit group Peruvian Hearts. Days may consist of playing with the children in the orphanage, planting tress, or painting a house. This part of the trip is extremely rewarding.

Will I have trouble with the Altitude?
The altitude will affect everyone differently but normally people don’t have a problem with the altitude. It is recommended you consult a doctor before embarking on this trip. The maximum altitude reached will be little over 15,000 ft.
What kind of recovery retreat is this?
Attendees will learn tools to add to their recovery portfolio through workshops, team building exercises, group work and more. This retreat will be located outside of your comfort zone which is where the magic happens.
No hablo español. Is that a problem?
All of the guides speak english so this is not a problem. It won’t hurt to know a couple of phrases like donde esta el baño, but no Spanish is required to attend this retreat.
Can I pay with a check instead of a credit card?
Checks can be paid to Recovery Elevator at 26 Shawnee Way Suite D Bozeman, MT 59715
What is the refund policy?
Full refunds will be processed until 5 pm on 3/15/18. Full refunds, minus the cost of the trek ($675), will be processed until 5 pm on 8/31/18.
Additional Questions

Is there a company that packs our bags and drops them at the next site or are we hiking with 40 Lb packs on our backs?

  • The trekking company can take a duffel bag up to 13 pounds per person. It is recommended you bring a 50-60 liter hiking pack for your sleeping pad (provided by trekking company), sleeping bag (can be rented from trekking company, or bring a sleeping bag rated at 32 degrees), clothes, toiletries, snacks, etc. You will probably be hiking with 10 – 25-pound packs depending on how much you give the porters.
  • Where are we sleeping?
  • Nights 1-2 Eco Inn Cusco. Nights 3-5, La Quinta Urubamba. Night 6-8 Inca Trail Campsites. Night 9 – Eco Inn Cusco

How much time to acclimatize to the elevation.

  • We will be spending six days around 10,000 – 12,000 ft to acclimatize before starting the trek.

What are the names of the airports we will be flying into?

  • We will be meeting at Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) and the flying to Cusco (CUZ)

Should I purchase travel insurance?

  • Travel insurance is not required but recommended. Travel insurance could reimburse you if you had an injury during the trip, was not able to hike the Inca Trail due to illness, etc.


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