Recovery Elevator Sober AF Conference Denver

We regretfully inform you that we are canceling our upcoming event in Denver at the Hilton Garden Inn, March 31st – April 2nd, 2022. If you have registered for this event, we will be canceling and refunding all orders (estimated return of funds: 7-10 days).

We apologize for any headache and or inconvenience this may cause you. However, with the current state of the pandemic and the rampant nature of the Omicron variant, we feel this is the right decision.

“When two or more like-minded individuals come together with a conscious and clear intention of departing from alcohol or deepening with inner peace, healing inevitably happens. When unconscious obstructions to health, happiness, emotional wellbeing, peace and vitality are removed, the heart heals. Alcohol is no longer needed. When we become aware of what is taking place and begin to embrace it, limiting beliefs about ourselves and others begin to fade away. We then begin to learn a new way of being and consciously create this environment of wholeness in our day to day lives.”

– Paul Churchill

Recovery Elevator will be in Denver Colorado March 31st to April 2nd, 2022.  This conference-style event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Union Station and is all about building your alcohol-free community through connection. Sure, you’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone but let us assure you, it’s going to be worth it and it’s going to be fun. The capacity for this event is 290 but you’ll often find yourself in smaller breakout group discussions. We will be exploring meditation at this event and all music 🎶 will be performed live on stage. We’ll be collectively moving energy with breath-work and get your stay started with either Yoga, meditation, or a fitness class. This event is open to spouses or significant others and they have their own small sessions. One more thing… All you can drink coffee, tea, and soda (or pop) Friday and Saturday! Let’s go BIG, because eventually, we all go home.

Workshops and Topics Include (*subject to change)


– This weekend is all about connecting with the authentic YOU, and others who no longer welcome alcohol in their lives. Build your alcohol -free community.

– If you like live music, this event is for you! Learn the healing power of sound and vibration with live group guided meditations.

– This event teaches the importance of having fun, and how joy is necessary when quitting drinking. You will practice new ways of finding joys and create a plan for implementing this in your life.

– Participate in several small group  sessions of various group sizes.

– Participate in small group sessions specific to your time away from alcohol.

– This event is open to spouses or significant others – they will have their own small group sessions.

– Understand through Cymatics that all frequencies and tones contain information that can reorganize the systems in your body at the cellular level. Then collectively as a group, explore the frequencies of the energy centers in the body.

– Understand what an addiction is in terms in harmony/disharmony and balance/imbalance.

– Learn how to get out of the association you have to your “story” and start your healing in terms of energy and vibrations.

– Each morning you can choose to attend either morning meditation, yoga or a fitness class.

– How to pull your energies from the past (depression) or future (anxiety) to exist in the sweet spot of the present moment where you begin to heal, create, and experience joy.

– Learn why knowledge alone is not enough to depart from an addiction, unhealthy behavior, or self-sabotaging thought patterns.

– Learn how science/spirituality can merge and how this is applicable to departing from an addiction or unhealthy narratives.

– Why this journey into an alcohol-free life, or a state of wholeness has to include joy, fun, abundance, laughter and self-compassion.

What’s Included

  • All conference workshops, small group sessions, live meditations, and welcoming party at The Dusty Saloon
  • Welcome bag with event shirt
  • All meals except dinner on Friday and Saturday evening
  • All you can drink coffee, tea, and soda water Friday and Saturday
  • Saturday night entertainment (TBD)


What’s not Included

  • Travel to this event and accommodations
  • Dinner on Friday and Saturday night


COVID Disclosure/Policy

  • * In order to attend this conference, you must present proof of COVID vaccination with your last dose being administered 14 days before the event.


Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds will be processed until 5 pm EST on Friday March, 11th 2022.
Is this event for those who wish to quit drinking for good? Or Can I attend this event if I’m wanting to take a break from alcohol?
  • This event is for anyone who is questioning the role alcohol is playing in their life. Whether you’re wanting to take a month off drinking or ditch the booze for good, you’ll learn the skills necessary and meet others who have the same goals in mind.
I’m attending as a spouse or significant other. Will I feel out of place?
  • Departing from an addiction requires a collaborative healing effort and both sides need support. We encourage you to open up about the challenges you’re facing in life and you’ll have opportunities to do this in breakout sessions specific to significant others.
What is the cancellation policy?
  • Full refunds will be processed until 5 pm EST on Friday March, 11th 2022.
Is there a sobriety requirement?
  • We recommend you have at least seven days away from alcohol before attending this event. However, we fully understand the complexities of this journey and as long as you’re not physically detoxing from alcohol at the event you’re welcome to attend.
What will the workshops be like?
  • See the list above of specific topics covered, but you can expect presentations from Paul Churchill and other industry professionals. The music for the guided meditations are performed live while attendees collectively raise their energies. There will be several smaller group breakout sessions conducive to having more intimate conversations with others. There will be entertainment on one of the evenings as well. Overall, laughter is built into every part of the itinerary and the event will be fun!
Does the price include hotel and travel?

The price does not include hotel or travel expenses. See price table above for what meals are included and which ones aren’t

Can I attend part of the event? Or register for Friday or Saturday only?
  • In order to get the most out of the event, we recommended you attend the full event.
How far outside of my “comfort zone” will this event be?
  • Parts of the event are designed to take you outside of your comfort zone, but we encourage you to go at your own pace.
Where will this event be taking place? Do they offer parking? How far is it from Denver International Airport? How can I get there?
  • The event will be taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn, Denver Union Station located at 1999 Chestnut Place, Denver, CO 80202 1-800-997-9138. They offer parking for a daily rate of $38 per day. The hotel is located 18 miles from Denver International Airport and a train from the airport drops you off within walking distance to the hotel.
I'd like to stay at the hotel at the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Union Station. Is there a specific room block for this event?
  • Yes, once you register for this event, a confirmation is sent your inbox with details on how to book a room with our secured discounted rate.
How do I partner with Recovery Elevator on this event?
Is there a coupon code for Café RE members?

Yes, please see the event in the Café RE Members Website for the $35 off discount code or email

Is there a payment plan option for this event?

Yes, please email to split the payment into two payments.

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27 strangers and I gathered together in a 3rd world country for a retreat. We quickly stripped ourselves of our look good, shared stories, bared our souls and fully accepted each other in all our humanity. Each day we came to love and accept each other more deeply in a way I’ve never done before. We built connections with each other quicker and stronger than expected, exploring one another like a cross between shiny new play toys, complicated puzzles, wise Buddhas and old, trusted friends. It truly humbled me to the core. 

What did we do? We biked through narrow canals and roadways, planted trees in a nature conservatory, bathed and bonded with elephants, floated down the Kwai river in life vests, ate crickets, got daily massages, ate enough rice to feed a small country, witness the flight of thousands of bats, and laughed until it hurt. We experienced a new dimension of consciousness through intense breathwork. We sang songs, learned chants, ate junk food, cried, hugged and laughed some more. We explored ancient ruins and learned about great societies decimated by greed and war. 

We fell in love with Hero rats, learned about weaving silk, crocheted recycled plastic bags, got tattoos – real and henna, and snapped enough photos to keep device manufacturers in business for years to come. We prayed, meditated and laughed some more. We got to know our guides and wished them adieu. We set intentions to music, crossed borders by foot, meditated at sunset, shared in small groups, and we were welcomed by Cambodians to stay in their homes. A few of our group even got to attend a Cambodian Wedding. We emerged as better, fuller versions of ourselves and more aware of our place in the world around us. It truly was the trip of a lifetime.

Marissa 52 - Oakland, CA - Asia Adventure Trip 2020

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