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“When two or more like-minded individuals come together with a conscious and clear intention of departing from alcohol or deepening with inner peace, healing inevitably happens. When unconscious obstructions to health, happiness, emotional wellbeing, peace and vitality are removed, the heart heals. Alcohol is no longer needed. When we become aware of what is taking place and begin to embrace it, limiting beliefs about ourselves and others begin to fade away. We then begin to learn a new way of being and consciously create this environment of wholeness in our day to day lives.”

– Paul Churchill

Join Recovery Elevator, in Atlanta, GA, over Memorial Day weekend to connect with others and explore what a life without alcohol can be like. First off, this event is going to be FUN, as recovery can be a GREAT TIME. You’ll hear from AF rockstars who have ditched the booze and you’ll have several chances to share what’s working for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been sober for 1 day, 10 years, or still working at it, this event will help give you a practical approach on how to live a successful and happy life without alcohol. Family members and friends are also invited to attend this event. If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Recovery Elevator, it’s that we cannot do this alone. Be prepared to laugh, meet new people, have genuine conversations, and most importantly, get outside your comfort zone.

Event Details – Sunday, May 28

  • Location: Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta – 5750 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-754-9600
  • Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Event Cost: $49
  • Itinerary

5:45 PM Registration opens

6:00 PM Lite dinner and AF Drinks

7:00 PM Recovery Elevator LIVE in Atlanta Conference

8:00 PM Small Group Break-out session

9:00 PM Silent Disco

What’s Included

  • Entrance to Recovery Elevator Live in Atlanta conference
  • Lite dinner and AF drinks from 6-7 pm
  • Conference workshop and breakout sessions
  • Event patch
  • Silent Disco

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds will be processed until 5 pm EST on Friday May, 12th 2023.
Is this event for those who wish to quit drinking for good? Or Can I attend this event if I’m wanting to take a break from alcohol?
  • This event is for anyone who is questioning the role alcohol is playing in their life. Whether you’re wanting to take a month off drinking or ditch the booze for good, you’ll learn the skills necessary and meet others who have the same goals in mind.
I’m attending as a spouse or significant other. Will I feel out of place?
  • Departing from an addiction requires a collaborative healing effort and both sides need support. We encourage you to open up and share about the challenges you face in your supporting role.
What is the cancellation policy?
  • Full refunds will be processed until 5 pm EST on Friday May 12th, 2023.
Is there a sobriety requirement?
  • We recommend you have at least 3 days away from alcohol before attending this event. However, we fully understand the complexities of this journey and as long as you’re not physically detoxing from alcohol at the event you’re welcome to attend.
What will the conference be like?
  • After registration, we encourage you to mingle with other participants over a lite dinner and alcohol-free drinks. Podcast host Paul Churchill will then get the event started with some words on addiction, and how community is vital if we are to successfully depart from alcohol. Included in the registration fee are lame jokes from Paul. After that, there will be some “rapid fire” round interviews on stage, and then we break off into smaller groups. In the smaller groups, this is where you’ll have the chance to connect with other conference attendees. You’ll be given discussion prompts where you can share about your relationship with alcohol and what is working for you. We then conclude the evening with silent disco. Silent disco is where everyone is given a headset and you select between two channels of dance songs! 
Does the price include hotel and travel?

The price does not include hotel or travel expenses. 

How far outside of my “comfort zone” will this event be?
  • Parts of the event are designed to take you outside of your comfort zone, but we encourage you to go at your own pace.
Where will this event be taking place? Do they offer parking? How far is it from Atlanta International Airport? How can I get there?
  • The event will be taking place at the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta – 5750 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-754-9600.
    They offer complimentary on-site parking. The hotel is located 33 miles north east from the Atlanta International Airport.
I'd like to stay at the hotel at the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta. Is there a specific room block for this event?
  • Yes, once you register for this event, a confirmation is sent your inbox with details on how to book a room with our secured discounted rate.
How do I partner with Recovery Elevator on this event?

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